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I think that is an excellent suggestion as I have no idea what a superempowerment group is or does but I'd like to find out.
I have been reading your post for a couple months. While I find your ideas intriguing, it is hard to put them into action due to lack of details. I am a western startup that has launched a "geosocial" SMS service in Kenya and soon Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African nations. I enter into a business relationship with local technical and marketing partners that manage the solution in their local markets. I am wrestling with how best to structure our business relationships. The SMS service provides a "collaborative" platform upon which others can build services. We have the need to innovate both in the implementation of our software tools as well as how we structure the licensing of our solution so that the goals of the entire organization can be understood while leaving flexibility to respond to local market conditions. Maybe our organization could provide a good "case study" for implementing some or all of your ideas if I better understood the practical mechanism you have in mind for applying them. Just a thought. Web: Twitter: @hungrygarden Phone:540.338.3584 Skype: next2us
Thank you for the report. Going through now. Can you plz text - unreg - to 5557 to unregister. You should get a confirmation by text. You can then again reg name location. Regarding location it must be street address city county state country in that order, no commas. You don't need to use all, you can be as specific or as general as you like. More to come, when you have tested unreg/reg please let me know
Thank you! Your testing would be very helpful to us. The heart of Next 2 is our automatic match and exchange of text message between users based on location, sharing circle and topics of interest. I will take a look at 2go. Next 2 also has a mobile version the allows for sending and receive text messages from the mobile version software. Right now we need at least one person to register and do all 7 Next 2 commands via SMS to 5557. Once we know all the commands are working properly in Kenya then we can integrate message match feature. The time involved should not take but 10 - 20 minutes maximum. It will be faster once you understand how Next 2 works. You should receive a reply text message to every command except the direct text command - 4 user_name Thank you. You can find all the commands at the top left of this blog under SMS commands. We really appreciate you help. You can start by texting - reg name location - to 5557. Once you have done that we will see you in our system and text message your account. Or, you can text - 4 brip + your message - to 5557. This will come to our mobile phone and we will reply. Thank you.
Thank you! Yes, please do. We just made a change that removed the necessity of starting each text message to 5557 with the word - kenya - This change may have introduced error(s) into the system. This is why we really appreciate help in testing the service in Kenya. Would you be interested in helping us do on-going testing of the SMS/mobile service. We need about 3 - 5 dependable testers that can run through instructions almost on daily basis to help us ensure the service is working properly. Over next two (2) weeks we will be integrating all the features (such as message match) and they will have to be tested. I would be happy to top-up your mobile account or make m-pesa payment to you to cover your text message cost in testing the service. Once you register your can send us a text message to our USA mobile phone by texting - 4 brip + your message - to 5557 or log-in to and use the /message feature to send message to - brip. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you. I am now following you on twitter @hungrygarden
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Mar 15, 2010
Dairy Advisor. Are you familiar with #profood hashtag on Twitter. All about applying entrepreneurship to provide better food choices. See Every Kitchen Table at Also may be interested in Woody Tasch's Slow Money. They may be good resource
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Dairy Advisor. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I also find the #moo trending interesting. When I first saw FarmerHaley's tweet about it I thought "now way" its going to hit top ten. But, then I read all kinds of different people joining in to not only celebrate Mike's Birthday but to participate in small way to show support to dairy farmers and acknowledge dairy crisis they are in? Now, the questions is, now do farmers take this small representation of interest in their plight and leverage it into meaningful change?
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JP; Thank you for the comment. I agree that we all need to show support for our dairy farmers during this crisis and #moo is one way to do it. Another way would be to have more local milk processors that could turn locally produced milk into value added local products such as cream. cheese, ice cream even chocolate. Until we have a more direct relationship with local dairy its hard to support directly when have middleman to deal with. I would love to be able to buy local raw, unprocessed and lightly processed milk products right from local or regional dairy. Better products for me and more money in farmers pocket(s).
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Ulla, I agree that educating consumers regarding the "true" cost of food, as well as, the benefits both; in terms of personal health, as well as, the impact on local economies, of supporting family farms such as your family's is key. We must transition from condition where grass fed beef is viewed as luxury to one where consumers can gauge the true cost of their food choices. Good luck with your marketing efforts. Lissa, I agree dairy farmers have been especially squeezed and the entire industry is in crisis. It is unfortunate that local creameries and other light processors of milk products have disappeared from the local landscape. Diane Rehm of NPR recently did a show about the Dairy crisis. You can listen to it here -- I think an online news/community web site for your area is a wonderful idea. Of course, when you are ready please consider using Hungry Garden's map technology to organize location of local food producers and consumers in your area. Thank you both for taking the time to share your stories.
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Anne, Thank you for your comment. Please read the post carefully again. It will give you instructions how to get the list and join the list. In the post look closely but next to the "sun" you'll see a scroll bar. Use the scroll bar to scroll down and enter you information in the form. When done hit submit. You name will now be added to the list and you'll see a link to get a list of twitter account names that have already joined the list. Copy the names and go to and paste the list into form. I know its not the best but it works. I've also sent you the list in email with these same instructions. Please let me know if you continue to have problems Hungry Gardener
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