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This is every artist's worst's amazing how polite Yasmine was in her letter. I think I would have tore a new one for little Miss Copeland!
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I'm not quite sure if Spoonflower is aware of this...but, the "Fabric of the Week" button on the home page still links to an older, already finished contest. It took me a while (probably because I'm not as computer savvy as most) to find this week's contest for voting.
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Lovely article! The "mum" part rang so true. I used to be a fulltime illustrator until having two kids threw my "art time" off the schedule completely. It wasn't long before art took a back seat completely and I started feeling less and less like myself and more like the typical stay at home mom. When I stumbled across Spoonflower, I was overjoyed! Here was an opportunity to do a bit of illustrating without disrupting my routine at home. Even though I don't sell any goods now, eventually I know that I could gear towards just that (like others have done with their fabric on Etsy.) Thanks for having the guts to start something completely new! Keep up the good work!
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