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Mar 15, 2010
@ali: I'm very sorry you felt like I was picking a fight. That was most definitely NOT my intention (and I'm sorry it took me so long to come back to this comment section). I meant what I said: I mean no disrespect. I have a nanny myself and question many of my own expectations of her. I think it really IS interesting to talk about these expectations openly. And I don't think you are asking too much of your nanny, especially since you both have an explicit understanding of what her responsibilities are. My point about the photo was a real concern about privacy. i think about privacy issues on my own blog and other places on the internet and i've been struggling with what is ok and not ok to post about my own children, extended family and, yes, my nanny. It's a real concern, not just a dig I made out of nowhere. I have to admit I haven't read enough of CMB to know about the fighting stuff. But maybe because there are so many writers on this site, and several different perspectives expressed by those writers, and the readers who are coming here are from all over the place both in terms of geography but also in terms of philosophies/life perspectives it's not like "regular" blogs that usually come with a set of devoted readers / followers (which I realize most of you do have). As a result, there may be more opportunities for dissenting views. I think that's a strength of this type of forum, however, not a problem. What I like best about blogs and the comment sections that go along with them is the discussion that can ensue when conflicting opinions are respectfully expressed. Again, my apologies if I was somehow offensive.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on The Nanny Diaries, part 1 at Canada Moms Blog
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We just bought our tickets! Can't wait!
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