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Deborah Mills-Scofield
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Jeff, I couldn't agree with your concern more. So far, I've been very fortunate to mentor, advise, counsel and invest in startups that 'get' both a Big Idea that they validate/experiment leanly (new word!). I am a partner in an early-stage VC firm and also own of my own business as well as teach business model innovation to seniors applying for a big fellowship/grant at Oberlin College and mentor/advise the startup/entrepreneur programs and the startups that come out of my alma mater, Brown University, I've seen a lot of the Big Idea tested with Lean Methodology a lot - which is great - so perhaps its starting to gain traction! It is an important, and for some, subtle distinction - gets to teaching people to love and live with paradox.... Deb
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Jackson Pollack is 1 of my most favorite artists in the world - there is so much to see in his paintings - to dream and imagine - yet the underlying relationship to fractals remains a mystery...
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