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Many have suggested that she is doing this in response to some lucrative deal in the private sector. I don't doubt her greed, but that still doesn't explain the content and style of the speech: why it was nervous and rambling, why she needed to do it this moment on a Friday night of a holiday weekend, why the entire thing was so absolutely manic that it consumed virtually all of the media oxygen, even blowing Michael Jackson off of the air waves. Many politicians go to the private sector after office to make butt loads of cash in public speaking or lobbying-the infamous "revolving door". But they generally are able to keep their goddam pants on until their terms end. They don't make gigantic spectacles of themselves by resigning from office in surreal press conferences the moment before they commit blatant profiteering. Doesn't she realize how it would look if she turned up with a show on FOX news next month? At the very least, FOX would know and guide her through the transition. No there is another shoe about to drop...she is reacting TO something...her hand is being forced. I can feel it. (If not she is clinically insane, more so then we all thought).
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2009 on Barracuda at Obsidian Wings
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