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Balaguer wants to argue that the question of whether we have free will is independent of the question of what free will is. The former question, though, is uninteresting without some understanding of the latter. We can agree on all the relevant facts about human nature, but still be at a loss as to their significance. The issue between compatibilism and libertarianism seems to concern this issue of significance: what is at stake if the facts are this way or that way; is anything worth caring about lost if the world is this rather than that way? We can agree that Kobe Bryant is a person without an adequate analysis of personhood (Balaguer's analogy). But in disputed cases (fetuses, for example), agreement on all the facts about an organism doesn't settle questions that matter (how much should we care about damage to this thing?) . (Levy's species analogy also makes this point well.) The questions we're left with may not be questions about "the nonsemantic part of the world," but then, by the same token, the question of whether we have free will (or control or authorship) of the relevant sort when human nature is such and such, isn't either a question about the nonsemantic part of the world.