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I am posting about Project Vasari because it is based on the Revit platform - and relevant to the ongoing discussion about Revit. As for features, a bit more than two things have been fixed in this release: All three disciplines are available as a single installed product BIM managers have control over how the user interface is configured Project template workflow has been improved Search for the project browser Custom view types Views are now tightly associated with their view templates New Diameter dimension tool Control over individual segments in a multi-segment dim Double click an instance of a family to edit it RPC content can now be viewed as rendered objects in Realistic views More control over lighting and materials for Realistic view styles A new Ray Trace visual style An overhaul of the materials tool including thermal and structural properties Construction parts can now be merged More control over how construction assemblies can be viewed and detailed Paths and edges can be divided parametrically in the conceptual design environment And that is just the platform enhancements off the top of my head, not to mention enhancements to the individual discipline tools: I can understand if you are frustrated with your experience with Revit. But lets try and have a conversation about it, not a flame war.
Rob and Gordon, thanks for the tips! This actually made my list a bit shorter :) Of course, I forgot about another big one: the End key does not actually go to the end of a sentence. I know, you can use Command+>, but why even have an End key? Actually, my 4 year old iMac has the End key, I notice now that my new Mac Book does not...
Nice. I was just doing some "digging" of my own today. Here is a good one that I found: Create a camera view. In the bottom left View Scale menu you notice the scale is replaced with the word "Perspective." Well, have you ever tried changing to, say, 1" = 20' ? That is not a very useful view scale ;) Even better, click "Custom" and you will notice the default scale is 1:0 (huh?) OK, now try changing it to 1:1 (lines get thicker, but not unreadable.) OK, now I want to go back to that default view scale. Try entering 1:0 into Custom, and it reverts back to 1:1... its a black hole!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Software Archaeology at Inside the Factory
I have been playing around with X3DOM. I like it because I am a UI designer, not a developer. I can leverage my knowledge of VRML/X3D to create content - no knowledge of WebGL or Javascript needed. That is, until I want to start adding interactivity - in which case I am starting to crack a JS book or two :)
@Steve, A 30 day demo? Nice! Just make sure no one spills coffee on any of the mice!
@Kai, Beautiful! Opened up right in FF4 and I was modeling right away. Love it!
@gabriel and @erik, As with any company (including yours, I suspect), different people work on different projects for different business reasons. On this blog we strive to give everyone a well-rounded look at what goes on here. This is just one of many projects that we are going on inside the factory. Rest assured, many more of my smart and dedicated colleagues are working in earnest on all aspects of the Revit platform. This is just one r&d effort that I have been working on and thought it was interesting to highlight.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2010 on Making Project Vasari at Inside the Factory
Dante, you have to use workplanes while in 3D to set parametric dimensions along that direction (vertical, etc.) We removed elevations intentionally, but it is something we are reconsidering for a future release.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2010 on We've been busy at Inside the Factory
Actually, there are other changes beyond 3D references, which I will outline in an upcoming post.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on We've been busy at Inside the Factory
Scott, Great idea! if you use a service like, which tracks your listening habits, you can get a lot of this data automatically. For instance, here is the "age" of my music. And here is a pie graph of how my music is tagged (unfortunately, Last.Fm does not keep track of genres.)
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2010 on Music in the Year 2009 at It is Alive in the Lab
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Ian, there is more information regarding your question about access to students here:
Thanks for the feedback. I will contact some of you individually for more details on your workflows and software development projects. BTW, has anyone experimented with RDB Link we released on the Labs site? It is a little clunky (you still have to manually run the import/export each time), but it effectively creates a bi-directional link (but with Access only.)
Point taken about working on the tool. Keep in mind, the UA team is working in tandem with future development. That said, can you guys expand a bit more about why Copy/Monitor is insufficient for your work?
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on Copy/Monitor Documentation at Inside the Factory
Here is a way-out idea that another Autodesk product team is experimenting with: wiki help. What if the help docs were posted in a wiki format where users could add, edit, and discuss? Kind of like AUGI forums, but more structured and focused on enhancing help ? Just a thought...
Thanks for the feedback! The User Assistance team is reviewing all of your comments - especially the specifics about consistency, terminology and conceptual clarity. I have posted the full chapter (see original post) for those that are interested in delving a bit further.
Here is another mind-bender for you all - related to the request to have "select visible instances in view": If you are in Reveal Hidden mode and you select a hidden (magenta) element - is that visible? It is visible to you at that moment, but in terms of the project it is "hidden."
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on Select "all" instances? at Inside the Factory
Thanks for all of the responses. Point taken and noted about the relative danger of the current Select All Instances tool and the need for Select All Instances in View.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on Select "all" instances? at Inside the Factory
Thanks kdjanz, the visible instances selection is a common request and we are looking into it. To clarify, by visible, you mean all instances in the current view, correct? Also, to my original question, even with select all visible instances, would you expect that tool to be constrained by the Modify options in the status bar?
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2009 on Select "all" instances? at Inside the Factory