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I've been doing Netflix from almost the beginning. (Why, oh why didn't I buy stock....oops! Sorry! Didn't mean to get off subject.) A couple of years in I had a series of discs go missing. I was mailing from a US Post Office.....I mean what could be safer? Right? Yeah, right! I complained to the Postmaster not expecting anything but she told me I was not the only one having the problem and the inspectors were going to try some new-fangled, little computer cameras in back with the sorters. It didn't take long for them to catch the thief. He even did a little prison time. For my part I started mailing the discs back from my office. That was about 8 years ago, and I have not had a disc go missing since. And did I tell you about my Irish-Nigerian cousin who has $25000 he would like to give you?
Not just "No!", but "Hell! No!" Movie reviewers are few and far between nowadays: everybody is a "critic". When they become critics there is a strong disconnect with the people who like movies. I think they write for each other rather than the intended audience. But then that is the state of our present-day media for you.
Quality of signal is very good or better, 90% of the time. Quality of movie selection leaves much to be desired but I am still viewing it as a work in progress, and a free add-on to my subscription. (And occasionally there are some real surprises with first run movies and tv series.) Compared to what else is available, Netflix streaming works best with the my "basket of viewing choices".
Scott: A gentle correction. Product placement in films, radio>television goes back to the 1920's and 30's. It really isn't a new concept. The moneymen of commercial (broad sense) public media knew how to do it. Why do you think everyone in movies smoked? The cigarette makers paid dearly for that, and look how successful (?) it was. Watch older stuff a little closer and you will be very surprised what you will see. Cheers!
I've had TiVo for what, 8 years? I am to the point now I only watch commercials that are interesting (For instance, the MasterCard "Pure Imagination". But those are few and far between.) It seems that advertising agencies think if they are stupid enough and loud enough and obnoxious enough they will get some attention. Quill is dead on about avoiding commercials. They are, for the most part, a very toxic element in today's matrix.
"What Doesn't Kill You", an action/buddy flyer."Martian Child", because I like Cusack (and you can't see Joan unless you watch John.)"Mad Men: Season 2: Disc 2, cause I love redheads.Watching "Have Gun, Will Travel: Season 2" and "Peter Gunn: Season 1" on streaming.And with March Madness starting, thank God it's Spring Break for Texas teachers!
You know guys, I'm beginning to think that a certain percentage of Netflix users who read this blog are whiny little babies who wouldn't be happy if Netflix bought you dinner, started your dvd player, then powdered your butt every time you went anal (as in behavior).For pete's sake. I have 450 titles in my queue and about 10 of those have a wait. You do the math. Just what do you want from a 1st class operation like Netflix? Would you just get over yourselves. Better yet, go ahead and quit Netflix. Then go somewhere else. Good ol' Blockbuster or those red boxes are probably just what your looking for.
Hey, Chris....we're talking about ending the United States Postal Service's Saturday delivery. Netflix has no control over what the USPS does. If you don't like the Netflix price, get a lower priced plan. It's 42 cents and nearly ALL mail is flown. Parcel post, junk mail, and lower cost media mail may go in 18 wheelers. Saturday Netflix processing is a recent thing. It's nice, but it ain't no deal breaker. If it goes back to five day so be it. Someone commented in another thread that this kind of speculation is "fantasy business". That's fair dikum.
Everyone (dittos) have already said it all: Apple buying Netflix would NOT make either company better, and would hurt us, the consumers. Apple and Netflix and TiVo should get in bed with each other, and see what pops up, so to speak.
I average 4 discs a week. About 40% of them are pretty grotty. I've always considered it the price of doing business. Lately (in the last 6 weeks) I have had two occasions where the disc has rubbed completely through the inner sleeve. Not a good sign. The next time I'll take a picture. Never thought anybody else would care. Cheers.
Tom nails it. Waiting a "few" extra weeks means nothing. We have to wait for the moguls to release the dvd's as it is anyway. I have 500 queued selections and always have something to watch. This is going to backfire on Hollywood just as it has for a hundred years. Greed and the desire to control are the hallmarks of stupidity.