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", lush, ravishing, grainless, fathomless, soulful, dimensional midrange..." I am sold...will definitely call Bob when I head his way. I soldered an amp when I was 14, maybe 15 and then got my own darkroom a few years later. I should revisit my better years in that order. For now, I am using Logitech Squeezebox to connect my computer to my stereo amp. Wireless setup was easy and sounded pretty decent.
Thank you, Mike, for bringing this up again. I was brought up on this age old Chinese saying that translates roughly to " Even a commoner is responsible for the fate of his country." While it was not taught to me in that context, I have since welded that idea to the workings of democracy. It is not enough to have a system to tally the votes accurately, but individuals who know right from wrong and cast their votes courageously even in dangerous times. On that June 5th day, one man did and the world noticed. To not stray too far from photography, if I look at images of Chinese modern history stating from Li ZhenSheng's "Red-Color News Soldier" to the present, I think it is only fair to say that the Chinese government has made some progress. This is pure speculation, but it is possible that our lone hero is survived by his wife who glued rubber soles together in a factory that has a big contract from Nike to put their only son through college. That boy, however, skipped class to sell pirated Windows but has now finally landed a job with Google. Long and slow progress, but progress nonetheless, no?