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Minneapolis, MN
graphic-designer, illustrator, grocery store-artist, greeting-card-machine & all around nice gal.
Interests: Drawing Illustration GraphicDesign Blogging Biking Painting Design Etsy
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So, it's been 2 months since I posted. OOPS. What can I say, last semester was a doozy, and when it was done I just needed a break. A long break. I hung out with family, cooked/baked like a mad woman, had many house guests, an epic new years party and lots of cuddle time with Eric & Enzo. But, I'm back! And resolving to post at least once every 2 weeks. Promise. Here is just a little taste of what I did in the last few months. Day of the Dead poster (class project) CD cover for my friend,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2010 at Things & Stuff
Bought these animal stamps on my last thrift store adventure. They are super-cheap little kid stamps- which makes them even more charming, in my opinion. The text stamps I have had for years, but never really used. So, Eric and Rae had a craft night. Here are (some of) the fruits of our labor. Lower left just might be our Xmas card this year, who knows. Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2009 at Things & Stuff
I LOVE THIS, i hope you do to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2009 at Things & Stuff
I'm in love with's a visual bookmarking sight, similar to ffffound, but you don't need an "invite" to become a member. I highly reccomend this...essentially you make your own inspirational photo album online. Awesome. Click Here for mine. *****EDIT!***** (as if anyone actually reads my blog) I now have a new love: it's like weheartit, but way sleeker/better/faster. check it out! *****p.s. i am still in desperate want of a ffffound membership, these are simply sites that get me through the tough times leading up to the glorious day when someone hooks me up with an invite.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2009 at Things & Stuff
of stuff that made me happy today, even though i was kinda grumpy. stamps i designed for my illustrator class. this great old jar i got at a church rummage sale this leaf i found on the floor at work-i ♥ fall! this sign i made at work today...inspired by the leaf you see above. and last but not least, this picture, the background on my phone. all of these things were on my nightstand before i went to bed & i arranged them for an impromptu photo shoot. i smile every time i see it. Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2009 at Things & Stuff
Just got back from AIGA Design Camp in Nisswa, great! Aaron Draplin spoke on Friday. A down to earth, uber-talented, weiner dog owning, garage salin', all around nice guy. He was selling posters of "pretty much everything up to until May 27th, 2009"-super cool poster, super cool guy. It really started the weekend off right. you should buy one too! I had a great time meeting new folks & getting better acquainted with some of my classmates. I was reminded once again what a beautiful place Minnesota can be. The Grandview Lodge was charming, the weather was gloomy (but... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2009 at Things & Stuff
Image's been a while since i posted. I moved, didn't have the internet for 3 weeks (stupid comcast), and then I started school. WOAH. Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2009 at Things & Stuff
that means i haven't had a lot of time (ok, ANY time) to create. but i did sketch this while camping last weekend with my crazy awesome niece. she is an amazing hula-hooper. Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2009 at Things & Stuff
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Jul 22, 2009
The newest addition to my collection...available this Sunday at the Uptown Market!!! Continue reading
Posted Jul 15, 2009 at Things & Stuff
Posted Jul 13, 2009 at Things & Stuff
In honor of this thing called The Impossible Project (which is not only saving polaroid film, they are making it better) I have a few of my favorite polaroids. 1. My first time at the Art Shanty Project in the snapshot shanty with Frankie, Peter, Michael & Eric. 2. Me climbing into a tree back in 1999, i believe. Junior in high school. My friend Katy and I were REALLY into polaroids back then. 3. Eric and I at a really amazing Xmas Cookie Party last winter. 4. Eric on said Xmas partie's polaroid scavenger hunt. Each team gets... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2009 at Things & Stuff
A little background on this poster: My friend Byron owns a bar in my hometown of Pomeroy, IA. He is an old dead head, and his bar is themed accordingly...dancing bears all over, steal your faces every where you turn, i think they're even tie dying the outside of the bar (i don't know how that is even possible). Pomeroy is also home to one of the larger wind farms in the midwest. And I will have the honor of not only attending and partying it up with the family, but I'll hopefully make a little cash selling these babies...bonus! Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2009 at Things & Stuff
I could have been more productive today. I am working on a poster for my friend Byron's street dance this weekend. I was really chugging away at it yesterday...then Eric talked me into coming over to play rummy on the porch. I told myself I would finish it today. Alas, I found many other things to do besides the poster. This is one of them: I had this amazing little bird book that I got at a rummage sale. When I found it I immediately thought "Collage!"...and then I immediately brought it home and let it sit around my apartment... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2009 at Things & Stuff
I would give this chair to my boyfriend. 4 years ago when things between us were getting serious, he was looking for jobs across the country in california. I agreed to tag along if it worked out.on his first trip out there for an interview, he got me a postcard of charles & ray in their california home. he forgot to send it...but gave it to me in person when he got home instead. and there it was on the back, him telling me he loved me for the first time. (a BIG step for him). I cried (in a good way;) and loved him back and framed the postcard and it sits on my desk to this day. We both have a slight (or major) obsession with mid century furniture. AND we are tired of sitting on each others laps in front of the computer. Also, my name is Rae....bonus!
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...the story or the illustrations? Because I want someone to write a children's book that stars this girl so I can draw all of the pictures. I love her. Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2009 at Things & Stuff
You would think I was having a really bad day or something, but it was actually quite pleasant. Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2009 at Things & Stuff
Already? Yep. Check it out in my Etsy shop. I have had the past two days off, and since I lost the key to my apartment this weekend, I am sort of stuck here until my new key is made. I have to call my apartment manager everytime I want to leave the has been a real pain, letmetellyou. On the upside, it has forced me to be pretty productive. It has also left me to check my etsy site every 10 minutes to see how many people have looked at my stuff. And I did have one sale!!!!!... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2009 at Things & Stuff
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Jun 30, 2009