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Museum of Litter
passionate about litter-prevention
Interests: art, beaches, green, nature, environment, ecology, ocean, litter prevention
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Thanks, Eef, for checking it out and your kind comment. I hope we can pick up litter together one day :-) Eef is a litter-picking virtual friend from Facebook. She's doing great work keeping her part of the planet clean in Belgium. Check out her Facebook page called PEACEFUL PROTEST AGAINST LITTER and her blog I reasonate with the peaceful approach she advocates. She shares from her heart, informs and inspires.
$20 !!! They definitely didn't mean for this to end up as litter. It's the toothpaste that got away.
Thanks, Linda. It really was our pleasure to be able to return Pete's wallet --- it made my day. And, it makes me happy Pete's knows at his young age, from personal experience, they're more honest people than not on the planet. Sharon
Litter Prevention for Dummies........... Alternative actions to ridding yourself of stinky, smelly butts (& other unwanted items) without flicking, flinging, or dropping.
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Mar 15, 2010
Alyson, Thanks SO MUCH for your clear step-by-step @Replies twitter info. I've been tweeting for 5 months and didn't know that! Immediately checked and found lots of @ messages from 3 mos ago I didn't know I had. I'll make sure I open YOUR emails right away. You offer such great info. Sharon