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Greetings from festive Rio, where we are still trying to recover from the Olympics-- It is a pleasure to encounter once again a genuinely attractive young adult model in the pages of BM. Mathew Vigar is stunning. He has the perfect body and the perky good looks of the traditional boy next door. On him, even the redundant tattoo is (barely) acceptable. He is a work of art. And the photographer--whoever that is--does Mathew real justice. Why does this talented photographer remain anonymous? The 2012 work on Chris Rockaway is also signed only "Prairie Visions Photography," though the name "Kendal" appears in the comment section.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2016 on Prairie Visions at Beautiful
Good Morning BM-- Please transmit this note to charming pammy: Grazie per il tuo piacevole commento per quanto riguarda bella Etienne mi chiedeva cosa carriera io vorrei proporre per lui. Credo che handsomel Etienne ha scelto come modella la sua carriera. Ma io desidero ardentemente che egli avrebbe cambiato per Escorts International. Vorrei ipotecare l'Homestead per essere in grado di permettersi i suoi servizi. Thank you for your pleasant comment regarding beautiful Etienne asking me what career would I propose for him. I think that handsomel Etienne has chosen modeling as his career. But I passionately wish that he would change to Escorts International. I would mortgage the homestead to be able to afford his services.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2016 on All Natural [BM Cover Story] at Beautiful
Good Afternoon from busy, bustling Rio, where we all breathlessly await the Summer Olympics-- Gert Kist's work is always superb, and it is an exquisite pleasure to view a handsome alpha male who has not debased his beautiful body with piercing and painting. It is a shame that gorgeous Etienne apparently feels that he must veil himself under a given name with no sirname. That makes it all the more difficult, if not impossible, to google him and follow his promising career as closely as one would want to.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2016 on All Natural [BM Cover Story] at Beautiful
Greetings from sometimes sunny Rio, HAIL BRITANNIA! And Hail your excellent editorial! Which I heartily support, as I support the beautiful British Isles and the stalwart British people with their fine humanitarian spirit. To quote the venerable Mr. Spock: "May they (and you) live long and prosper!"
Good afternoon from Rio. This spread is disgusting in every conceivable way, perhaps as you intend it to be. It should be studied by all members of our drug-loving culture, particularly the younger ones.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2016 on Dark Night Dawn at Beautiful
Jonas Norén is a superb photographer, but Vlad is a barely acceptable older model with an excellent body marred by childish tattoos.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2016 on Nudity at Beautiful
Alas and alack. This beautiful young man is simply inundated with hair. In one pic he looks as though he may take off like a helicopter. There is a great barber shop near my little grass shack in Ipanema. I will be happy to take him there before welcoming him as a weekend houseguest.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2015 on Modesty is the beauty of men at Beautiful
Greetings from Rio/Ipanema estimada BM-- Gert Kist again shows us that he is a genuine master of his art. Chaze and Juan are two beautiful young men beautifully photographed. We are treated to excellent views of their back. But alas, their promising front is largely neglected. Aside from a a quick penis-flash in one photo, we are left wondering what treasures are tucked away out of sight. I looked into Mr. Kist's website, but my salacious curiosity was not satisfied. This is not the first (or last) time that imagination has had to fill in the blanks. Maybe that is as it should be. I still enjoyed the brilliant photos, and thank you for publishing them.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2015 on In the Zone at Beautiful
Mr. Hans Fahrmeyer's collection of superb photos lies right at the intersection of great porn and great art. There is no final distinction between the two, and this old fart just loves it. So much so, in fact, that I am willing to overlook the (fortunately few) hideous tattoos and concentrate on the mostly gorgeous models and creative photography. AND of course the spectacular packages. Many thanks to you and Hans Fahrmeyer and the models for this banquet for the senses.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2015 on Stimulation at Beautiful
Anatoly Goncharov is a splendid example of "Russia's Other Side." Let us all fervently hope that he does not share the madness of his country's chronically homophobic dictator. Happily, there is almost nothing wrong with gorgeous Goncharov. I might quibble about his underarm shaving, which I find a tad too feminine, and his facial foliage, which I find a tad too masculine. And a nice penis-flash, if not a divine full-frontal, would be extremely helpful. But the rest of this young demi-god is so spectacular that these minor flaws, if indeed they are flaws at all, are negligible. He has a face and body that can hardly be improved upon. For the benefit of thousands of readers who,like me,would love to see some of Anatoly's promising package: I have scoured the vast nooks and crannies of the Internet looking for a full- or partial-frontal. No such thing exists. There are some beautiful revealing bulge pics, but nothing more. We will have to be content, for now at least, with Alexandre CK's excellent photos. Many thanks to you for publishing them.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2015 on Russia's Other Side at Beautiful
Cher BeautifulMag, Un millier de félicitations les plus sincères pour votre splendide dixième anniversaire. Vous avez fait d'innombrables contributions précieuses à l'immense monde du gay publishing, pour laquelle nous sommes tous très reconnaissants. Je vous souhaite de nombreuses autres années de grands travaux et j'espère sincèrement que je vis assez longtemps pour jouir de tous.
In re model Daniel Gregson: he is almost but not quite "an Adonis made flesh." Too many body freckles which could be easily corrected with simple makeup. Discounting this minor flaw, he is otherwise very attractive. But alas, he also seems a bit of a hooligan. His apparently contented smirk makes the utterly tasteless "Finger" all the more offensive. It is surprising to me that you two very tasteful and sophisticated citizens of Paris would publish such a mishap among an otherwise interesting collection of photos.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2015 on Adonis Made Flesh [BM Cover Story] at Beautiful
Splendid collection. Right up my alley. Keep those tasty bananas and coconuts coming. I just love fresh fruit.
Thanks for photographer Calvin Brockington's original and creative work. Perhaps the most positive thing one can say about diminutive model Tyler Rex is that he has the admirable and abundant courage to show us panting viewers his bush and a tastefully generous portion of his penis. That helps to make up for his hirsute but attractive face, his ringed nose, and his firm but over-embellished body. Even so, you may give him the address of my little grass shack.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2015 on BOSS at Beautiful
Splendid photos. A lovely and thoughtful gift from you to celebrate the splendid holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy (end of) Chanukah to you two at BM, to talented Gert Kist, to all of his handsome models, and to all of the readers of BM.
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2014 on We need a little Christmas, Part I at Beautiful
Jake Jensen is an attractive, well-hung, well-built man who is clearly comfortable with his excellent body, which is blissfully free of vicious tats and piercings. And it is greatly to his modelling advantage that he is willing to offer generous glimpses of his capacious genitalia and bush. Not to his advantage, however, is the rather faded color (intentional?) in these ordinary photos. To which I will add a couple of minor quibbles: Jake's posture is noticeably poor he needs to hold those fine shouldersup. And the non-surfer scruff makes him look somewhat older than his 28 years. Even so,please relay to him my phone number and the beach address of my wee grass shack.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2014 on Jake Jensen's Roots at Beautiful
Even back in the Medieval Period when I smoked several Montecristos a day, I never considered cigars sexy. Delicious but never sexy. And these interesting pix are so dark and swirly that it is virtually impossible to discern much of anything in them, sexy or not. But through the murk, with the help of my editing software, I did manage to make out a rather nice face and body. For which I say, thank you.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2014 on Passion and Cigars at Beautiful
Model Christian's hairdo is hideous, except when he wets it down. But the rest of him is delightful--all over. And as always, Gert Kist's photography is world class, a true pleasure to behold. Moreover: thanks to all the gods who listen to the prayers of us Old Farts, not a wretched tat or piercing can be seen on gorgeous Christian.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2014 on 50 Shades at Beautiful
The macho model in these dimly lighted photos is very attractive in a quietly dangerous sort of way. As one who used to love to cruise the dark alleyways, docks, and park paths of the world--a pastime which I recommend to no one--I find "Gary" rather exciting. This extraordinary shoot brings back some (mostly) good memories. Although this set of pics is very interesting to me personally, I have to observe that it is less than fully successful artistically. For two reasons: The wild tats tend to make "Gary" look like a lost Covent Garden Flower Child, or perhaps a handsome sacrificial victim in a South Sea Island ceremony. And the lack of penis flashes or even bush flashes tends to reduce the testosterone effect of the whole photographic enterprise. Even so, please give "Gary" the phone number of my little grass shack and tell him that he is always welcome.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2014 on It was a Cold Midwestern Night at Beautiful
It is an ongoing pleasure to view your recent choices of traditionally handsome men without the body desecration of gross piercings and tattoos. Steve Lu, as expertly photographed by Robert Wallace, is a very good example of this fine genre of male models. He could do without the hirsute mess on his face, but he is so appealing otherwise that it does not seriously detract from his beauty. And admittedly, for some, the facial hair may add to his beauty. Steve's age (30) should also give hope to the many undesecrated male models who have left the paradise of the divine 20's and now must face the obstacle course of the rugged 30's. Many thanks for encouraging them (and ancient me) with your recent superb choices.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2014 on In the Zone at Beautiful
I am not particularly interested in a beautiful model's psychosexuality--homo, hetero, bi, omni, poly, vegan, cannibal, et al.-- they are all OK with me. As long as the model doesn't fraternize with homophobic maniacs like Vladimir Putrid or Rush Limberger. AND as long as the model registers the two prime requirements of great male models: BEAUTY and PASSION. Gorgeous Chaz has an abundance of the former, which may be enough for some viewers. But he sadly lacks the latter, which deters this old hedonist. He looks as if he is painfully bored by all of Gert's excellent hard work, which in this instance seems somehow wasted. If Chaz INTENDS to communicate a lack of passion, he is badly misinformed. But I suspect that he DOES NOT INTEND to come across as passionless. If so, he needs some excellent direction and guidance in his climb up the rocky road to global prominence in modelling.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2014 on Imperfect Perfection [BM Cover Story] at Beautiful
It is a pleasure to see a traditionally handsome man without any hideous piercings or tats--and with a gorgeous black forest of unshaved pubes. But it is a shame to note the 1001 ways this Great Dane has found to hide his Family Jewels. Hopefully, one day soon Phil will be inspired to reveal a bit more of his hidden wealth.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2014 on A Viking in L.A. at Beautiful
I have long admired the work of Gert Kist, and like you, I hope that his fine efforts soon go global. Handsome Model Tyrone is quite striking. I love his freckles and his massive "secret weapon," as you so pleasantly term it. His beautifully sensual lips are most inviting, and the tiny scar in his left brow adds mystery. Even the wretched tattoo is more or less acceptable, on him at least. Here's hoping that Tyrone finds success on the global market.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2014 on Man in Black at Beautiful
Many Kudos to Andrew Bowman and to Beautiful Magazine. It is such a pleasure to see so many British family jewels on resplendent display. I might even go so far as to call them Crown Jewels. Be still my heart. I may be falling in love again.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2014 on Take a Bow at Beautiful
Greetings from Roasting Rio, where it is hotter than the hinges of Hell--there is even an impending water shortage! In re Mr. Eric Battershell: this gentleman is a superb photographer whose technical mastery never fails to please and even excite this ancient viewer. His esthetic tastes are exquisite on nearly all fronts --even in his au courant choice of several otherwise beautiful models who are needlessly embellished by tattoos, a very little of which, in my opinion, will go a very long way. I fully understand Mr. Battershell's efforts to keep up with the astonishing popularity of these body defacements now sported even by many otherwise beautiful women (to wit Angelina Jolie, et al.). I am now 80 and counting, but if I live to be 100, I will never understand why so many men and women seem hopelessly addicted to what is no more than illustrators ink needled into their skin. If you chose to print this, I suspect that there will be several comments by some intelligent readers of your excellent BeautifulMag. I respect and even admire the right of everyone to make a judgment about the vexed topic of tattoos. And my reply to all commenters is the same: the proper place for illustrators ink is paper or canvas--not skin.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2014 on Eric Battershell's Men at Beautiful