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Aaron Rumple
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Another item that should be cleaned is the type selector drop down. It should scroll to the list so the current family name is at the top with the types listed below. Right now it scrolls so the instance is at the bottom of the list. This almost ensures you'll have to scroll to find your item.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Revisiting the UI at Inside the Factory
My input and mockup...
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Revisiting the UI at Inside the Factory
I made this change as directed by support while Revit was open - my wallpaper went to black and I had to restart the system to recover it. If I make the change befroe Revit starts, the system behaves properly. Once Revit starts - I lose wallpeper when this setting is adjusted.
I've got a Nvidia 7950 and tried the latest drivers. It was a no go. Revit was crashing about every 15 min. I installed the OEM drivers and at least my crashes are down to 2 hours or so. My system is the only dual/duo core system running Revit in the office. Other systems are identical except for the processor. They also have experienced some crashing, but not as frequently. All users experience graphics problems such icons that should be available for selection - turning grey.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on Have you crashed lately? at The Revit Clinic
...that R is soooo not Revit.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2009 on Revit(ness) at Inside the Factory
Is the difference in the temporary dimension display a part of the DirectX update? 2010's are fuzzy and hard to read.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2009 on Tuning the Graphics Engine at Inside the Factory
Autocad is a linear program because of the command line. Except for a few transparent commands, you start a command - follow a set order for commands and end right back where you were. Revit is non-linear. Probably the no. 1 reason we architects like it. I can start, stop, change my mind in mid-operation and keep right on moving. As you've found - you can't predict what tool we'll be using next. In schematics, I'm using walls and lines almost equaly. Yet wall is big icon and line is small. There are a host of things which have to be heads-up 100% of the time - and the QAT isn't the answer. You have to be able to jump in and outy of 3D in a flash. Sure I can put it on the QAT, But the icon on the QAT is HALF the size of what the button was in 2009. You also need to be able to toggle thin lines fast. You need to have heads-up controls for design options and worksets. Same for managing workplanes. During design, I'll bounce between wall, plane, join geometry, wall, plane, component, cut egometry, plane, component... on and on. Now I'm spending more time switching tabs than drawing. (I used to just hit PP for pick plane - but can't do that now.) With the Basics tab open in 2009 - I could get 50% through a design without changing ANYTHING in the UI.