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Interests: star trek, leonardo dicaprio
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Very interesting facts. Thanks for sharing! As for the Rolling Stones, their 50th stage anniversary is this July, it was on our TV today. Congratulations to the band!
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Hehe...I love this p ic! It's like Zach reading the user's manual on HOW to be Spock...and generally a Star Trek star *gg*
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Thank you, Zachary, for this statement! It's one of the best and most authentic I ever read on the internet. Congrats to your openness, thoughtfulness and humanity! I really hope, it does get better for us all. And we can do it - who else could?! Love and power to you!!!
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Hi Wil, just read this post..sorry for the delay. This is just one reason why I love to read your blog: Your honesty and thus authenticity. I can totally understand why writing this blog isn't as important to you as it was years ago - and why you're now much more uncomfortable to write about your kids since they're almost grown up and have their own lives. Thanks for telling us the truth! Yes, things change, and they do it all the time, and we have to adapt or it's going to break us down. Our times are particularly fast, especially concerning all means of communications. Blogs twitter, flickR,'s not easy to serve all of them. You can't dance at all weddings, I guess...*gg* Thank you for writing a blog to think about...and not only "twitteing" *lol*! Lots of love from Elli
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Hi Wil, great to read that you enjoyed FedCon in Germany! I just phoned a friend of mine who watched your panel with Marina. She's not a Trek fan, but she says, she's now a fan of yours, because she liked your panel so much. I wish I had been there to see and hear you, too! Have a safe trip home!
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I bought the Sylar action figure with in 2009. It's 18 cm tall and the price is 29,99 Euros.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on hi Zach, I saw in your address... at Zachary Quinto
Quite clearly a matter of Global Worming and climate change, if you ask me. I don't think, it's due to communications or something like that. I wonder why people tend to believe that WE can't change the climate. WE already did that. There's scientific proof! We Humans are really slow in believing in our own abilities - for the better or for the worse.Maybe, there isn't even enough time to do something about it....and that would only be the result of our own stupidness. But maybe humankind deserves the worst because we''re obviously not able to realize the truth of life and nature....
Great T-shirt! I love the smurfs...yes, even today at nearly 50...*smiles* Thanks for sharing!
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Hehe...I made that mistake (to buy the DVD set), and I really got to regret it. Not because of Zach (who does a good job on the poor lines he has), of course, but because "24" is the most stupid action TV show I've ever watched, honestly. The whole plot I found unbelievable illogical and improbable, and all the people in this show act like they're crazy. And frankly, if an elite unit of the FBI (or was it CIA? I've forgotten about hat at once *lol*) really acted like they do in this show, the results would even be more desastrous as they, unfortunately often were/are in reality. I don't kow about the rest of that show, and I'm really not interested to watch any more or it....I quit after the first half of this third season.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2010 on No title at Zachary Quinto
Thank you for sharing that interesting picture, Wil! I guess, it reminds us that glamour and vanity do exist along with and alongside banality and every-day struggling. Not only in cities, but there we have them very close together.
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Zachary and Cameron would be fine - but, please, not an "Avatar" sequel! And yes, MORE MOVIES with Zach in them would be terrific - preferably in ones with Leonardo DiCaprio *gg*. But maybe that would be too much beauty and talent to handle....eewww.
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Jan 15, 2010
Absolutely great! I just laughed my ass off...*rofl*! I never saw such a funny - adult - Christmas story..hehe. I love it to pieces! Thanks a bunch for sharing!
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Great episode, great job, Wil! I just watched it online already two times this night *smiles*. I love everything about this show, and seeing Wil Wheaton in it just gives me the peek of plesure. This episode virtually CRIES for a sequel...yeah! Hope, they'll do it, soon!
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Wow! Thanks a bunch, karohemd!! I installed this program you linked to, and now I can see it! Wohoo! I've seen some awesome pics of the episode, and I am looking forward to it very much. I love "The Big Bang Theory" from the first eps on...although I first saw it in the dubbed German version on our TV. I swear, one of my first thoughts on this show was "When will Wil Wheaton show up with these geeks?" *smiles* This is going to be GREAT!
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Sep 12, 2009
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Sep 12, 2009
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Sep 12, 2009
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I can now imagine how it feels like to travel the world in one week or two. It must be excilerating and exhausting at the same time *smiles*. I hope, you don't fly private as often. You know, it's not the best thing to do to our EARTH. Keep doing all the amazing things you do!
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