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Christine @davoscorp
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Congratulations... Wish we could hear your skype presentation...
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on I'm the #1 PM Blogger! at Rocket Watcher
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Hi April... What is the difference between meshmarketing and the digital marketing mixer in chicago oct 21-22nd (other than cost and duration of each conference). Thanks!
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Congratulations! I love reading your articles - intelligent, insightful and educational... Nice to see you rewarded!
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Great post April! Really liked your deconstruction of the announcement... Would love for you to comment on whether or not Google is targeting the Mac OS... While the Google Chrome OS announcement denied this as a possibility, it may have been necessary to state that because of Eric Schmidt being on Apple's Board of Directors (see What do you think about the relationship between Google and Apple in light of the Google Chrome OS initiative?
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Great post... There are a lot of great insights, as mentioned by many comments... I was personally struck the 'vendor' comment... How smaller companies are simply automatically considered vendors and are so easily replaceable... It made me ask the question whether a small company can ever not be considered just a vendor... does one have to be a big company in order not to be considered a vendor? i know alot of big companies are simply vendors to me, i.e., bell canada, rogers cable, etc,... April, do you think smaller companies can ever break away from the 'vendor' label?
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2009 on Startups and The Vision Thing at Rocket Watcher
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