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tedc - that's a gratuitous shot at Suzi Oppenheimer. She had no way of knowing this. Did you read where Suzi Oppenheimer and Republican Dr. Steven Katz were the lowest reimbursement recipients in the legislature? Oppenheimer is honest and I'll take that over many of the self dealing politicians here in New York. Suzi is retiring. Let's leave her alone. PS Tocci is red handed here - no doubt about it - but at least he served in the military - unlike most of the Chicken Hawks who send the poor to a war they'd never fight themselves.
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Judy Myers is 100% right on this issue. I don't always agree with Judy - I know you right wing conspiracy theorists on this blog thing I'm a flaming liberal - but no, Judy is a flaming liberal - a liberal who genuinely cares about people. No limousine for her. Summer heat makes teenage kids edgy. Swimming pools getting them out in the sunshine and fresh air and moving are so important for their health - and as a way to burn off teenage energy. The little kids look like baby seals when they're all wet and slippery. They're so cute. We set aside funds for salt for tough winters. We need to set aside money for heat waves as well to extend pool hours. I'll bet if they were recruited, the lifeguards from Rye's private clubs would volunteer a couple hours at the end of their day to give back to the kids in Westchester who can't afford private clubs. Many people want to give to those less fortunate, they just need to be asked. In addition many strong swimmers from the shore towns might get their life guard cert. if only to put in a couple hours after getting off the Metro North on the worst muggy nights. I know my husband would. He and I both know how important public pools were to us as kids growing up in crummy neighborhoods ( the Bronx and Schenectady ). So, yes, let's open up those pools morning to night. Maybe the early hours could be for kids only 10 and under, and the late hours, teenagers and adults only, but open those pools.
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While at Kelly's recently with a friend, I saw someone who appeared to me to be over-medicated. She was not in her happy place. She also was not a Democrat. Let's add "over-medicated" to the list of words from which the Rye GOP should stay away. You wandered off message on the hazing thing, Matt. Now you're blowing up your spot here. Aren't you afraid Tony will cancel your Optimum online and take away your keyboard?
@tedc - not corrupt, just shameless and dishonest. I'm used to the kangaroo court like atmosphere, but Jason Mehler's friends were shocked by their first experience with the Rye City Council's version of fairness. When it happens for the first time it is kind of unsettling when your "leaders" look right into the camera and lie. I'm surprised by how quickly Laura Brett got sucked in, saying among other surprisingly silly things that Julie Killian was better qualified because she had more children in more schools. You hear that cold, as a civilian, and you don't know whether to laugh or cry. The council and it's "appointee" didn't come off so well here. Leah Rae is no Mrs. Deputy Mayor.
Matt, Matt, Matt -- you of many words must now resort to spitting out silly insults? I know you got reined in on the bullying issue. That's not my fault, Matt. I admired you for your previous stand and I said so publicly. So could the "bitter" remark be projection? If you're angry at your party boss don't take it out on me. Bitter, for the record, is walking around Rye with a wacky letter, a letter calling me and Mack Cunningham bad names, weeks after you lost, begging your friends to sign it - because you lost. As for delusional, Matt, don't call me delusional. A bit of free political advice, because I still like you: you and the entire RYE GOP should probably stay away from the following words for now: Delusional Crazy Paranoid Bitter as well as "tireless" and "fill her shoes". Capice?
"Please Br'er Fox, please don't throw me into that brier patch" Actually Matt, I'm not bitter. I'm in my happy place right now, because you, who have all the answers, are speechless in the face of facts, the calender and a good memory. Hah! You used to care about bullied kids, underdogs, right and wrong, and things like that. Or at least you professed to care. Now that I remind you that a pair of ladies from your team didn't play by the rules; you know, right and wrong, don't lie, don't cheat, those rules, all of a sudden I'm bitter? Yeah, Harry Wilson lost to Tom DiNapoli :( - but the editorial pages were with Harry and me - so there's honor there. I do bring up DiNapoli a lot, true, but only because he's an example of a fixed outcome which is readily understood. I'm not bitter though, that was a long time ago. Suzanna Keith, should I be bitter about Suzanna Keith? She lost spectacularly! Nope, no bitterness there. Now Julie? Things couldn't have worked out better there. Didn't folks from your party say it would be "political suicide" for her to be appointed now? Well, she was appointed. "Political Suicide" - that was from your triple XXX secret meeting which I heard all about - that isn't my term. I think it means though that you guys did yourself in ~ and all I had to do was volunteer to serve on the council. It didn't cost me a dime. Freedom of Speech is free, imagine that. Life is good, Matt. We're well and the Yankees are winning. Karma's been my friend. Sweet!
Matt - your comments, as a loyal Republican soldier, are no surprise. Can we go off the party line now and tell the truth? Julie never had an early interest in the council. She seldom if ever attended a council meeting. A couple she went to because I called her and asked her to stop by. You've been to events at her house where I was there. Did we ever discuss the council? Tell the truth now, Matt. We're off the party line, remember. No, we never discussed the council. Julie has had her eye on much bigger things in the last two years or so since she's taken an interest in politics and public policy at all. Like hell she showed an early and sustained interest in the council. She became interested when Suzanna Keith offered her the appointment in exchange for Julie's support. Julie had the opportunity to run last year. She chose not to because she didn't want to give up her summer in Nantucket. That's the truth. So she wouldn't run for the seat, but when Suzanna offered the seat, which is morally wrong by the way, Julie became Suzanna's bff and started showing up at council meetings. You can't re-write history, Matt. I engage in dialogue with you on these blogs because you use your own name and you occasionally present a point of view with more nuance that typical party blather. So do I. I am not taking a Democratic hard line here. I seldom do. Was I trying to block Julie? From cheating, yes. But understand, I was more than willing to serve, and I was willing to sacrifice my own chance to run in the fall because I believe that much in fairness. If the council were really interested in "experience" they would have named me to that seat and you know that too. You've seen my resume I imagine. I've seen Julie's original resume before it was enhanced with experience to equal mine. ( a bridge to the school board? - really? did anyone ask the school board how they'd feel about Suzanna Keith's bff offering a "bridge" to them? ) I've been asked to serve on the council long before Julie became a "politician" per facebook. So don't say I only stepped in to block Julie. I was interested - early - in keeping the seat open. I want fair and honest elections and the Julie I knew used to agree with me. I spoke out against Tom DiNapoli doing this kind of backroom "selection", rather than election, so this is not only about Julie cutting the line. I don't like it when Democrats do it and I'm on record there. Close friends of mine were very angry at me when I publicly supported Harry Wilson, because they say Tom is such a nice guy. It doesn't matter that Tom DiNapoli is a nice guy. The way he took office was wrong and that "nice guy" should not have taken the seat. In the same way, Julie's wisdom and experience ( which we can debate ) and passion ( I'll give you that ) don't matter. She should not have "bought" this seat. Shame on her for throwing her money around like that. You know the GOP had all sorts of conversations as to whether this was political suicide or not. I guess they decided that they could push it through because no one has any respect for the council anyway - so they can't lose respect. Since Julie only needs the seat as a layover for her true destination, you gambled you'll get away with it. That's OK, Matt, but you gambled 77 thousand dollars on Suzanna Keith and lost. Maybe with Julie you recoup that, I don't know. Still it's cheating, it's wrong and it makes Julie no better than Tom DiNapoli.
Thank you rye mom - when you put it that way, your initial read on it was probably accurate. I did say I didn't want the clock turned back rather... emphatically. It just isn't a more global bias or anger toward popular kids or athletes or whatever. By the way, I think you hold your own just fine - seriously. The dialogue this incident has engendered is the silver lining in my mind. I include you in that statement.
Rye Mom - you were incorrect. I'd spend more time explaining because your questions seem genuine but it's too weird doing that with someone who could be a Rye Dad for all I know. I get anonymity and there are dozens of legitimate reasons for not wanting your name out there so I'm not blaming you, it's just weird not knowing to whom I'm "explaining". So the short answer is, I'm not really angry about this now. The response by the community in general has been heartening, surprisingly so, if anything. We just disagree I guess about this letter, because it certainly didn't provoke me to open my eyes or anything. Then again I wasn't blind with rage to begin with. I've been aware of, and dealing with, this subject for years. If it were my son, I would be blind with rage, but it isn't. My sympathies however, remain with the victims. The "divorce" theme was mildly annoying, among other things. You didn't think so?
Jay, you might say Rye Leaders have not spoken up, but parents and citizens certainly have. Have you read the conversation here on your own blog, or on the Patch? Anne-Marie Pensanti has been quite up front on this issue for a week now and has taken the issue to facebook. Other parents have signed their names to strong positions as well. You surely can't expect the victims to speak out - they've suffered enough. So why did you list them along with the police as if there is some kind of equivalence? While it makes for a more powerful essay to list a long list of those whom you believe have not shown "leadership" - it doesn't entirely ring true. What kind of leadership do you expect from a 13 year old boy?
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rye mom - guilty as charged. I am mocking the hand wringing over the stress these "children" are under. I haven't gotten in to whether they should be charged as adults, I've said that repeatedly. I don't care about that as I have many other things more important to think about. I do care about victims' rights, and its a sad commentary on our greater society that its taken children committing suicide, something that used to be rare thankfully, before the impact of shunning and bullying and "hazing" is taken seriously. I do call attention to the popular boys issue, because a dear friend, someone whom I admire, spoke to me about one of the boys - about what a "good kid" he is. Then here we have someone else talking about a "child" who likes puppies. What we're forgetting is that the much younger and most likely smaller children beaten - not "hazed" but beaten - most likely are good kids too. They most likely like puppies and all good things. I want to keep the attention on the victims. This is a subject about which I've done much research. I've even lectured on this subject as the mother of a child who I can safely say would NOT be involved in these circumstances. It's not arrogance, it's reality. My son has autism and can't go out without an adult, my husband or me, accompanying him. I come from a high school which was ranged from working class to poor. We didn't have doctors' kids or Wall Street money. The athletes, my crowd, were far from perfect but they'd more likely be involved in fighting with another team across town than tormenting younger kids. We had beer on the football field, Jack Daniels at parties and lots of wrecked cars and fist fights so I'm not idealizing the way I grew up, but we didn't have anything like this. Bias, by the way, is a pre-disposition that doesn't take into account evidence. There is evidence here. I don't consider my siding with the victims biased in light of that evidence. But, ryemom, I appreciate you calling on me to defend my remarks. I can and I will. Thank you.
Maybe the City Planner is wrong. I don't believe there would be no benefit.
Matt, you gave suggestions as to a fitting punishment, not me. These are your words, not mine: "Being kicked off a sports team, being required to perform 100 hours of community service cleaning out the town's sewers, spending time in the big house... contemplating those activities as consequences would give any rational thinker pause. And elsewhere you said this: the blame lies squarely with the three punks arrested. They have made an enormous mistake, and should pay the price, perhaps by expulsion from the RCSD, jail time, elimination from any sports program, required anger management training, psychological examinations, etc. And not on the taxpayer’s dime, either. Sometimes, one’s purpose in life is only to serve as a warning to others. If these three are treated harshly, their lives will undoubtedly be harmed to some extent – but then, haven’t they already harmed others? " So why do you say I am advocating minors be tried as adults and start talking about 8 year olds and 10 year olds and mob blood lust? I just asked you why you seemed to back off from your prior stance. I abhor violence - even against trees. My sympathies just lie with the younger children who were the victims, not the perps. I thought yours did too.
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These aren't my boys. My boy would have been the victim. My sympathy lies with the younger children who were beaten and violated and humiliated. I am "extremely concerned about the mental health stresses to these boys (not to mention their families) ..." You're a defense attorney. I get that one of the perps is your neighbor and he likes puppies and birdies and pies. So help him. For too long in our society when incidents like this occurred the record shows that a community's sympathies were inevitability with the perpetrators, the popular boys, the athletes. Finally the victims of abuse, of bullying, of violence are gaining some long overdue attention, and you want to turn back the clock?
Calling violence "youths" making "mistakes" is pretty Al Sharpton-esque, Matt. I didn't mention the legal system and jurisprudence anywhere, you did. The DA, Duke Lacrosse, all that, is not relevant to the simple point I'm making. What I did say, and I read pretty carefully, is that you did an about face from your previous comments. There's this: "Being kicked off a sports team, being required to perform 100 hours of community service cleaning out the town's sewers, spending time in the big house... contemplating those activities as consequences would give any rational thinker pause. No matter what punishment they get, I hope they learn the invaluable lesson that actions have consequences. This won't ruin their lives,but it should be a major speed bump on their road to Nirvana." Then there's this: " No, the blame lies squarely with the three punks arrested. They have made an enormous mistake, and should pay the price, perhaps by expulsion from the RCSD, jail time, elimination from any sports program, required anger management training, psychological examinations, etc. And not on the taxpayer’s dime, either. Sometimes, one’s purpose in life is only to serve as a warning to others. If these three are treated harshly, their lives will undoubtedly be harmed to some extent – but then, haven’t they already harmed others? " That's all.
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"...those who foolishly argue that individual rights trump any reasonable regulation on behalf of the greater municipal common good." Melissa Grieco nails it ~ Thomas Paine would approve.
@Matt - I'm not sure where you are going here. Your remarks today seem to conflict with your previous remarks. I refer to the statements in quotes below, among others, which characterize a violent act as a "mistake". Of course by doing an about face here you have an opportunity to take a shot at our educational system teaching about global warming and diversity, so you scored right winger points there, but when you talk about "youths" and "mistakes" you sound like Al Sharpton. Have you been watching MSNBC on the down low? "Teens are not adults, and do not fully comprehend the impact of their actions. It is expected that teens will occasionally make mistakes as they mature. Most often, these mistakes are made in ignorance of the consequences." I understood the impact of beating someone with a weapon well before my teens. No one benefits from sanitizing this ugly crime by calling it a mistake by youths who didn't understand the consequences. My sympathy remains with the victims of the crime.
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@Jim Culyer - as you re-state your comments, I tend to agree with you. A bigger effort is certainly required. As the parent of a child who was the target of attacks by "popular" boys in Kindergarten ( yes, sadly, Kindergarten ) "good kids" all, or so I was told by the teachers and administrators who defended them, I am heartened by the better late than never response to this sub culture in Rye. One point, however, Jim. I read your entire comment. I would never respond without reading the entire comment, and most likely reading it more than once.
Thank you, Matt Fahey, for responding. Just yesterday I said to someone I was waiting to read what you had to say. I will re-post what I wrote in 2010 about this disgusting practice. First though I'd like to respond to Jim Culyer. Jim, I don't believe attendance at one of the numerous "parenting sessions" is necessarily an indication of concern. It can mean, among other things, that you have access to child care. I have a small library on the topic of bullying and the targeting of children who are "different", yet I've never attended such a session. The School District's responsibility is not abrogated by offering sessions such as this if the School District does not respond seriously to bullying among its students. In my experience - at Midland School only - it did not. Dismissing the attacks as happening off school grounds or after school hours is a cop-out as well. If the only link the children have is due to their mutual attendance at Rye Schools then the schools should respond. Likewise, if you are a parent and you've been told your child has been giving another child a hard time, and you don't respond with immediate and significant loss of privileges, you too are responsible. Bullies on the playground at 6 or 7 can grow up to be arrested for assault 10 years later if adults don't intervene. Yes, at 16 and 17 a child is responsible for his own behavior, but parents and schools can and should respond with something stern, perhaps along the lines of being benched or even left off the team. Or how about taking the car keys back? Quel dommage!
Let me be the first to thank Jason Mehler for coming forward and offering to serve on the Rye City Council. The private sector skills Mahler possesses are certainly useful to any governing body and the breadth of his resume is impressive. I am heartened that he chose to emphasize his attendance record at the Rye Town Park advisory committee. It is one thing to be a member of a half dozen organizations, but being reliable and actually showing up consistently is the real mark of your commitment. I don't know Mr. Mehler but I'm looking forward to meeting him. Please forgive me if this is poorly written. I am writing it between innings as my beloved Andy Pettitte is pitching. Come to think of it, the voters have a right to know whether or not Mehler is a Yankees fan. I'm frankly surprised he didn't address that issue.
Bob - comments were posted *after* Sutherland's (he being the paid GOP flack who never reveals his connection to a campaign - flaunting journalistic and campaign ethics). Sutherland's was left while others were deleted. I did not see the ones before but it is clear that Sutherland was responding to someone, in his usual loopy manner. I did see at least one response to him, which is now gone. You can imagine I was checking this online story to make sure it was corrected. I'm also waiting for an answer as to how it happened in the first place.
Thank you BOH. By the way, I knew what you meant by the President and Senator Gillibrand. I was just having some fun. History geek fun, that is. I look forward to your support when I advocate for non partisan municipal elections - my next project.
Thank you AC. Disagreement is natural. It's lock step adherence to party rhetoric that has no place in a small town like Rye. Enough with that. Let's talk about garbage. and flooding. and trees. I'm ready.
Bored of Ten Commandments - oops - Board of Health... are you thinking it's like... hmmm ...Yonkers? Don't worry - I always liked your rock ribbed persona. Your secret is safe with me. Waiting for your endorsement, big guy. You as much as anyone know I can get things done among factions and between parties. If the council needs a fresh perspective - rhetoric doesn't cut it. That includes speaking to the *challenges* *going forward*. I hear that and I hear Charlie Brown's teacher. Tell the truth - you do too.
Thank you BOH for your response. I don't see the Presidency, the leader of the free world, or New York State's US Senator as valid examples of why we need to replace a council member by appointment 5 months before an election. Of course the world cannot wait to elect a president should ours resign or die in office. To a lesser extent, because our upper chamber of Congress, the Senate, already is disproportionate (in the tiny Maine for example has as many Senators as the Empire State)it would be foolish for our 19 million citizens to go without 50% of their representation in DC. None of these circumstances exist in little Rye. The charter does not compel the council to appoint a member so close to election day. They should not, in the interest of democracy, do so. This would not be impractical to implement. We have an election already scheduled, don't we?