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Bob - great example of a business case to sell ECM to upper management. You are right on track that we have to put it in terms the business understands and that was a great example. Doug Schultz
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Where's the beef? at AIIM Knowledge Center Blog
Mike - Interesting questions and topic. I believe the same as you that our education, how we were brought up, our culture and our life experiences can impact how we think about new technologies or ways we work. My experience with Twitter and others that use it are the same as yours - some people think it's a waste of time and others see great opportunity. I believe some people are more inclined to try something out than others, particularly if our immediate friends and co-workers are trying it also. But I believe what it comes down to for many people is answering the question - what's in it for me. With so many available social networking tools and ways of connecting with people, you can't belong to all of them on an intimate level. So you pick what you think can fit how you work and you give it a try. It's much the same for me - I use Linkedin for professional contacts and Facebook for my more social contacts, although there is some crossover between the two. Twitter for me is more business than anything else as I look for interesting stories/links from the people that I follow more than answering the question what am I doing now. The best way for me to present these to others is to show or explain my use case for each one. If it fits for them, maybe they will give it a try, maybe not. I don't try to "sell" them or beat them into submission, but just tell them how it works for me.
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Kent - great story and a great post. Thanks for sharing the story and message.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2009 on Don't wait! at Kent Blumberg
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