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I'm a copy editor, so I can't help but bite at all the talk about language. In short, I'm all for clarity. When you want to say that an experience was "meaningful," "deep," "thought provoking," or "profound," why not just say that and then explain why you thought the experience was whatever it was to you? And if an experience was all of those things, then why not use all of those terms, or any and every term that applies to the experience you just had? Why not say that a speech you heard was "insightful" or "curious"? Why do we need to communicate through umbrella terms that really can mean anything? Maybe some of the words I cited here could be considered umbrella terms, too, but I find that the word "spiritual" keeps way too much rain from being absorbed by the dirt, if you get my meaning. We've all done it. I'm not saying I never do, though I do consciously avoid using "spiritual," if for no other reason than it's cliche. We often really don't take the time to say just what we mean, and maybe that's because we don't take the time to really think about what something means to us. We don't use half the words we have available to us in the dictionary, and we make up even more every day. So maybe we should all blow the dust off the top of our dictionaries and start compiling a list of synonyms or near-synonyms that will help us say just what we mean.
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