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Psychic Joseph ext 9153
Psychic Counselor to the Stars
I have been a fulltime Psychic Reader for over 30 years, as well as writer, healer, and relationship consultant. My great joy is in helping my friends and clients find true success in their lives!
Interests: tarot, relationships, love, astrology, numerology, media and entertainment, yoga and ayurveda, high finance, fitness and weightloss, vocational guidance, and whatever helps people find greater happiness in life!
Recent Activity
Tools or No? As several of our fine, dedicated psychics here at California Psychics have already made clear, some psychics use tools, some don't. Indeed, some are highly skilled with them, some are highly skilled without them, and some, like me, use them when helpful, and set them aside when they get in the way of our well-developed intuitive faculties and longterm experience of life. The most important concern to me, always, is not the tool, but the needs of my client. Therefore I use any of a wide variety of tools, as well as, most importantly, my psychic intuition and experience of life, to help my clients know themselves and others and get what they seek in life. But always it comes back down to my core level awareness of who you are, what you need, what is going to happen to you, and how you can make it better -- For my motto is: "It's better to create your fate than await your fate." Towards this end, some of the tools I use are: Psychic intuition and clairvoyance which I inherited from previous lives, helping my clients to understand their lovelives and careers. Experience in all areas of life, from being a husband and father (happily married to my wonderful psychic wife and a father to my 19-year old daughter) to being a successful businessman in entrepenurial businesses, financial services, estate planning, advertising, marketing, vocational guidance, and job placement ... (While this is the job I REALLY LOVE!) As well as many years helping my clients with romantic relationships, marriages, how to fall in love and live happily ever after, using many diagnostic and helping skills to help them know the one they love and maximize their success in the relationship -- or move on if they need to. Towards this end, I have developed a mastery of Western and Eastern Astrology (one of the main psychic sciences, offering an immediate x-ray of your soul and your soulmate for compatibility purposes -- indeed, a handy tool to have!), Tarot Card Reading (using several decks including the Aquarian Age Deck, the most positive of all in my experience), the pendulum and kinesiology (drawing upon my clairsentient powers), voice-reading and digital attunement (drawing upon my clairaudient powers), and enneagrams, Myers-Briggs, I-Ching, Numerology, Theta Healing, Jungian archetypes, and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) drawing upon my causal plane connection to higher truth and love ... As well as a thorough understanding of foreign cultures and customs and behavioral patterns as well as the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, politics, government, geocosmic timelines and locational patterns, tantra sexuality, yoga, ayurveda, and eastern philosophy (although of course we are not permitted to do medical readings) ... And, whew, more, I guess, I just can't remember all my tools right now -- maybe I need a bigger tool-chest! As you can see, I love my work, and will master any tool that helps give good service to my clients. And I am learning new tools all the time, with my main reliance being always, once again, on my well-developed psychic intuition and longterm experience of life. BOTTOMLINE: My job is to help you, tools or no, know yourself and others and live the life you seek ... So, with or without tools, I would be delighted to share some insight in your current life situation, like a sun coming out of the clouds, and wish you the best in all your endeavors and all your readings with all our wonderful psychics anytime of the day or night! And thank you for tuning in! %;oD Joseph 9153
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