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The first thing that came to mind is that we are all somewhat alike. We, as humans, all have weaknesses. Believers or not, there are universal "moral" issues that we can all struggle with. Whether it's lust, overeating, drugs or alcohol, overspending, telling lies (maybe even white lies), or putting friends, work, or other interests before the ones we love, we are all sinners, and all have our struggles. Some of the most favored Christian evangelists and leaders in history have struggled with sinful deeds. Who is to say that lust is a greater sin than telling a lie? Or murder is more unforgivable than overindulging in alcohol or drugs? Christ died for our sins, and when we accept Him as our Savior, we are forgiven. For good. The difference is, that at the end of the day, it is the Christians that are going to have a place in Heaven waiting for them. Even if they did murder someone in the past… Remembering the main reason that we are here - to mirror Him, let others see Him through us, and bring others to Him is the one issue that non-believers don't deal with. Sometimes our actions (or reactions) don't allow others to see that we are a Christ follower. And, if we don't show it, how will someone want to be like us - or Christ? It's easy to "put off" filling our hearts and minds with His word. We get caught up in the every day rush of things, and tend to put off spending time with Him. Satan is waiting to push each of our buttons. Pushing those of believers is harder for him, and he is up for the challenge. When trouble arises, and we are at our weakest, Satan will be there to show us a "false" way out by providing the things that cause problems for us. So, as Christians, we need to fill ourselves with His word and maintain a relationship with Him. Not one where you only call on Him when you are in trouble, but every day so you can thank Him for everything He has done for you, and, by His grace you may stay away from the things that tempt you...
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