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There are trolls online. Not the fairytale kind that sits under bridges: we’re talking about the mean, nasty individuals who use online anonymity to be cruel, spread their own brand of hate, destroy reputations of City Employees, and generally try to upset and crush as many people and companies as they possibly can. Trolls agitate to start fights. They disrupt forums with off-topic comments, brag nonstop about themselves, ridicule the thoughts of others or insert controversial comments to disrupt conversations. Trolls spread lies, deceive and cause damage, and they enjoy every minute they can make someone else miserable. They may be obnoxious teens, but more often than not they’re seemingly “normal” adults who use internet anonymity to shed their veneer of decency and show their ugly selves. Trolls are basically cyberbullies on steroids – cowards afraid to show their face but nastier and more dedicated than garden-variety bullies. They are often fairly tech savvy, willing to dig up a comment or information from your past to distort, thereby “justifying” their actions.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2017 on Apple Wakes Up Too Late at The Burlingame Voice
Holly Wronger: The secretary at the library did stab her husband in the neck but seeing she was Bud Harrison's niece no charges were filed after she was arrested for that, so NO she spent no time in jail and was back on the job collecting the late fines from the overdue books. Spending the money in beauty shops. This incident was prior to the stealing- she spent time in the pokey for theft. Was paroled in Yolo County. Fake news - is about all ya got 50/50 whether you are right or wrong. Wonder how many private companies have inner conflict? Sure there are just as many as the ones you quote half assed here. Why not stand up on public at the Council meeting and look right into the camera and ask the questions where they can be answered. Get involved lady...... You hide and throw out fake stories.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2017 on Apple Wakes Up Too Late at The Burlingame Voice
Dear Holy Rolled One: Your so called facts are way off. I also take issue with you calling every wrong doing as having been done by an ENGINEER. Franklin Means worked as the Chief Building Official in the Building Department he was not an engineer. He did child porn at his work computer which included trading images in chat rooms. He was arrested, sent to prison, and is now registered as a sex offender. The gun incident was also a Building Department employee and NOT an engineer. The Building and Planning Department combined to become the Community Development Department. So get your facts straight. Engineers have not committed any of your reported crimes. Check the proper titles before you slander the Engineers. Don't be sloppy about your research if it's public knowledge get the name and title of the person don't accuse engineers. Don't forget the library secretary who gifted herself $750,000 from the till of the City and spent time in prison. Will you call her an Engineer too! Get your facts straight Holy.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2017 on Apple Wakes Up Too Late at The Burlingame Voice
There is a need for a whistleblower hotline. Headlines in the news: Public Works employee steals gas. Fire Chief arrested. Years ago the library was embezzled out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The building official was doing child porn at his City desk you can find him on Megan's Law he served time in prison. There is no time card punching at City Hall all the honor system. The system is an automated response. Poorly staffed as well. But seriously any whistleblowing just gets swept under the carpet anyway only when there is press and usually bad press will anybody do anything about the issues and only then do they go into over drive and say nobody knew anything about these things. Managements job is to make you feel secure oh yeah we have this under control NOW that you found out about it. Before that how many times were these things swept under the rug???? That is what you need to ask yourself.
So you all think Jesus Nava is the chosen one? I believe he is leaving Burlingame to head up an agency in Santa Clara for bigger pay too.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2012 on The Next City Manager at The Burlingame Voice
The guy was busted today. The San Mateo County Times reports that Burlingame Police caught the 50 year old man at Paddy Flynn's (upscale bar on Lorton where numerous upscale patrons stand outside and smoke while imbibing in early morning alcoholic beverages).....guy say he didn't do it, but had a modified radio of some type.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2010 on Pirate Radio at The Burlingame Voice
Dear Nike Shox Turbo, What pot club do you belong to? Good stuff, huh?
Tillman was the guest of honor. He has his own website. He skateboards, snowboards, and wakeboards! He has quite a few sponsors in the pet business. Just go to YouTube and search for Tillman. He is very good on the snowboard!
If Tillman runs for Council I will vote for him! Great photo of him mastering the skateboard. He also snowboards. Great job for the grand opening of Petfood Express.
This is a sad story. Young man aged 20 who lived in Burlingame was shot by the police. No big bad wolf, mental problems......mother called the police as advised by a "therapist."
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2010 on Officer Involved Shooting at The Burlingame Voice
Just a guess....but is it Mel Gibson?
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2010 on Pirate Radio at The Burlingame Voice
Holyroller, I always thought you had the inside track on your information. You were correct that a $100,000 plus contract was awarded to a retired police officer to handle computer issues. But, on the other had what is your source on the above information because you are 100% WRONG. I guess you are a one trick pony on facts - how about we call you 50/50.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2010 on Can you hear me now? at The Burlingame Voice