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"He might be forced to. If the team cap is in the 130-140 range, he would not be able to risk offering Arbitration - Harden accepting would put the club 5-10 million over budget." Keep in mind the cubs have a new owner now. They can add payroll therefore they can keep Harden if they want. I'm a person who wants to see Harden back in blue next year but now for a long deal or one over 8 mill a year.
"I might add, I agree with barry, if the Rays can snag Harden for nothing ridiculous, he'd be great for next year. They need a dominate pitcher to shut down the power of the AL East" Um no. There's no way they'd get Harden with that small payroll. They wouldn't want to take that kind of a risk for a guy who is very injury prone.
He said it's been real tough on Farney.
Also, trading Lee would open up a spot for Jake Fox. He played some 1st in triple A so he could play in the majors. The big question there is D. With Lee saving probably like 50 errors a year with his pick how much will the D falter?
LOL!!!!! I think they just signed him so he can try and make all 30 teams by the end of the year. LOL, this is hilarious though!!
They haven't been playing well, the rockies have just sucked.
And as for Fox, Fuld platoon in left, I thought the same thing. Low price but high reward exactly the opposite of Sori-oh-no.
Wrigleyterror, no offense but trying soriano at 2nd would not help us at all. he needs to focus on hitting and 2nd base is a very important Defensive spot. BTW on my last post I meant I hope they get claimed because I know they've most likely been put through waivers already.
hopefully sorryano and bradley and gregg are the ones put on waivers too Posted by: matt | August 28, 2009 at 03:09 PM Amen to that.
hopefully sorryano and bradley and gregg are the ones put on waivers too Posted by: matt | August 28, 2009 at 03:09 PM Amen to that.
If they traded Z they'd get some prospects. Add Vitters, Samarzija, or maybe Cashner to them.
I wonder if there's any chance the Cubs trade Z and trade for Halladay.
I think the Cubs should sign him back. Sullivan is an idiot and always will be. Harden will NOT make 15 mill a year!! He's injury prone, he's played al ot of games this year but his ERA is still over 4. I hope the Cubs sign him back but not for more than 10 mill.
"The Cubs claiming him would be silly because they are out of it this season and for it to have value for them they would have to pick up his 8M option next year" Their still in it. Only 6 back in the WC. Not likely but still there.
"the yankees probably wil not get him as they are the last team on order for claiming rights, hope the Cubs pick him up and DFA Gregg." agreed
"The Cubs could use him." Yea they could. Marmol isn't a closer and the cubs have reported interest in him.
Kaplan is just trying to get people to read his blog. He's desperate and it's getting peoples attention.
MLBTR is late on the Z story. Cubs blogs were all over that days ago.
"does anyone think the cubs could try to get mark tehean... he was talked about for a few days maybe playin second base i mean he would be a great pick up for the cubs???" Heck yeah I do. He's a Mark Derosa kind of guy and is having a good hitting year. I think that would be a GREAT addition.
The only problem with those lower teams getting Wood is his salary. Most all of those teams have a small salary and wouldn't want to pay his contract especially when they're out of contention.
We all knew he was gone once the cubs got grabow. There's no room for another lefty in the pen and his stuff isn't closing stuff so he could not have helped us. At least they tried.
That's great, I hope teams keep signing him so he can break the record!
Well if gregg keeps blowing games, btw i think gregg is good and i'm not hatin him like alot of fans, or if he get hurt, we don't have another guy to save games. Marmol is too ineffective, heliman is not that great and nobody else really jumps out at me. getting Wood would let us get greg a setup role, less stressful so he can pitch like we know he can, and then we ditch heilman. He's been ineffective all year and serves no real purpose in out pen
wotme, I think that's a great idea. The cubs couldn't get Derosa back but if hendry can get Wood back, he might play better playing for his former team and put up numbers he's capable of putting up. That being said, the indians would need to eat some of his salary but boy would it make me happy.
Not sure whether the white so made a good deal or not. He's a great pitcher but he wasn't pitching as well as he normally does with a 3.97 ERA plus the injury factor. You just don't know how well he'll rebound.