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Interests: When my hands findeth something to do, I do it with all thy might.
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SAVE 50 CENTS/GALLON AT THE GAS PUMP & CUT POLLUTION BY 90% Thirty-seven years ago during the 1973 Oil Crisis we developed a liquid fuel enhancer. We call it MPG50. When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, it provides many benefits including a gas mileage boost of 25% to 50%, a several point octane boost and up to 90% exhaust pollution reduction. It is extremely cost-effective and widespread use of MPG50 could cut American dependence on foreign oil by 35%. See: Try a bottle of MPG50, (which treats 160 gallons of gas) for $25 & you get a $40 Gasoline Rebate Voucher. So, you make a $15 profit for trying it. Plus, with gas prices a $2/gallon one bottle of MPG50 will save you 50 cents/gallon, times 160 gallons, that's $80 more in gas or diesel fuel savings. It is a "no brainer", because with its $40 Gas Rebate Voucher you are paid $15 for trying a $25 bottle of MPG50 which saves you $80 at the pump; See: God Bless America