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Kim -- I love this discussion and am happy to point you to my 2008 article Post-Tenure Review As If It Mattered,, which describes in some detail both how a law school would identify its key objectives and then how faculty would be assessed in relationship to those objectives. It discusses both "how" and "who" and touches also on "how much" to pay key contributors. Perhaps in these troubled times some law schools will think harder about who they are, what they value, and how to incentivize the behavior(s) they need most.
So, if I punch an old man in the face, I am evil. But if I steal an old man's money and make him sick with worry about how he will pay the rent and buy food and agonize about whether his grandchildren will still love him if he can't pay their tuition, that's not so bad? The loss of money is not just about the money -- it's also the about the loss of trust in others, loss of hope and, often, loss of companionship. Not because their friends leave the victims but because the victims leave their friends, often in shame. Someone who knowingly exposes his victims to this kind of damage is every bit as bad as a mugger. Maybe even worse.
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