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Fisker Automotive, $529 Al Gore, Nissan North America whonder what lobbyists got them the that cash? All I see here are LARGE companies getting more government handouts. And where do the original ideas come from? Where do ideas go to get buried? Another year of the government Tucker eh? Where is the air car? Hydrogen car? Where is the super capacitor car? Mass graphene production? How a Li-Ion battery that can hold as much power per pound as gas? I have been hearing 5 years out for about 15 years now and the government gives money to the good ole boys who pay off lobbyists keep the status quo. Depressing as always.
Lets remove their iPods and iphones made in sweat shops and see how they feel. The ice works and as soon as they make a cost effective alternative I will be in line to buy it. Alas, currently there isn't one. Not one you can justify to a working class person who uses his car or truck to get to work or for work. One gallon of gas still contains several hundred percent more power than the best battery per pound. I pray someday that won't be true but face it, currently it is true. So making middle class people poorer is not the answer. Making a better solution is
lets remove their iPods and iphones made in sweat shops and see how they feel. the ice works and as spoon as they make a cost effective alternative i will be in line to but it. currently there isn't one. not one you can justify to a working class person who uses his car poorer truck to get to work or for work. one gallon of gas still contains several hundred percent more power than the best battery per pound. i pray someday that won't be true but face it, currently it is true.
what i dont understand is why isnt there a motor like this paired with super caps for acceletation to get good acceleration and good gas mileage. use a hook to the Trans for the electric assist at lower rpms.
driving in Chicagoland its easy to go 80 miles round trip. they had an arricle about average commutes and they are getting longer. Others go over 100 as tgey drve from Indiana. If they can get up to 150 garunteed then its a practical daily driver here. For others that drive in sales its still useless.
Sorry there is no edit after posting. the last sentence should have said. 20k is the sweet spot but EV isn't about reducing cost far as anyone can tell.
complexity and cost of repair are left out of this estimate. what average wrench will be able to fix this thing when it breaks down? Union dealer rates and parts are crazy expensive. Corolla seems like the smart buy. For EV/hybtid this is a great leap forward but not a middle class car when middle class struggle for about 60k a year. most middle class people on a block of nicer homes are buying 1 or 2 year used or small forgien cars. 30k just kinda rich. 20k usher sweet spot but EV isn't about reducing cist as far as anyone can tell.
even with 7000 back it still costs 30k. i don't know what the excitemrnt is about. When will this tech be affordable and not some high priced toy. Lets not talk volume they have sold a lot hybrids. Just no cost savings. if gas goes way up it will just make the middle class buyer to broke to buy a hybrid.
the reality of the current crop of electric cars are a joke. high cost, short range and fear of the maintenance after 10 years. and for what? Something a diesel can do for a third of the cost. EV is here, but its a rich mans toy, not a middle class car. How far away is the the new battery tech that costs 75% less with three times more power, 5 years? i have been hearing 5 years for 15 years now. scientists are either overly optimistic or tell tall tales. i want EV to be real and cheap. it should cost much less. no exhaust, no complex motor but alas year after year nothing but disappointment
This is a sensible approach. Batteries alone won't get us out of gasoline for years. Use the newer graphene ultra capacitors (when they come out) to drive an electric motor we might have something. Any car that can do 20 to 40 miles all electric and at a flip of a switch kick this motor on and get the rest of the miles.. I guess thats everyones dream.. Wonder the cost/weight of this motor? Wonder if the 2 cylinder side by side is better? Just wish there were kits that could retrofit older cars to reduce gas use. I dont think anyone is going to see gas getting a lot cheaper.
I have often dreamed that eventually all the roofs shingles would have solor connectors and an energy storage system could be developed to eliminate much of our power consumption. Here again is another long term initiative. Maybe in 10 no 20 no its almost ready. Sad we are all still waiting.
This is exciting if they have a functional prototype running. Until then its a pretty drawing that reminds me of the circular piston engine
I dont know who has connections to this company but if I were them I would figure out how to mount this on a bus or cab. There are many cities freaking out on the rise of gas prices and budgets and if you can decrease the need for gas to reduce costs I think you can sell a lot of these things to city and state govts.
First I am all for Hydraulic. Makes a lot of sense. Know proven tech that works in cold or heat and can be delivered ASAP. I would love to see several versions of this tech. After market retrofits. New models with lower horse power engines (like 30 or 40hp ICE) in conjunction with a completely hydraulic drive train using accumulators for acceleration. From reading the net there is a Ford F150 Truck which is supposed to get 40mpg in the city. Anything that big getting averaging 40mpg is big news. So BRING on hydraulic tech.
Harvey I was compensating for loss in an ice. From the top of my head its 12000 WH/kg and batteries are at 250 WH/kg. This doesn't include thr fact batteries go bad need special disposal and are very very expensive. I currently have higher hope for graphene super capcitors than li ion batteries. The tech is just so far from delivering without a major breakthrough.
" Future batteries will have " I have been hearing this for years. So far very sad progress after of billions in investment. Batteries have 1/10th the Wh/kg of a gal of gas. If this tech that can be delivered now and save fuel now and reduce emissions now I am very on board because it works. Trucks, vans and cars alike should implement this tech. Lets see if we cant get 60MPG in city and highway. If we push this tech farther using a constant velocity engine to supply pumps and a hydraulic drive train we can tune ICE engines to be more efficient and get more mpg NOW not in 5 years or 10 years. Can we retrofit older cars and still have a zero to 60 thats respectable. With gas over 3.50 a gal we need solutions that work today. Bring IT ON I cant wait for Graphene to mature or some magical unknown battery chemistry to show up to save the day. Again if it works Deliver !!
GE gets the lions share and this is why we are all doomed. I had much hope for this president when he came to power but now the back room deals kickbacks and payola are in your face. Who needs the money? Not GE who can not make a light bulb anymore. Universities and VERY SMALL companies need 100 million dollar grants and seed money to make clean cars real. This kind of stuff just makes me cry.
Why not go hydraulic? No transmission and much simpler. Is there a weight issue?