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Aaron J. Grier
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it's not clear if panasonic's statement was for the entire sl-1200 line, or just the latest incantation, the sl-1200mk6.
the recent article on the "year with leica" had me fondling my rollei 35S wondering if it would serve the same purpose. I suppose it would. rollei 35S, 50' of Plus-X, and XTOL. sounds like a plan. (now who can I sucker into scanning all the negatives?) while I really like my XD11, if I'm anywhere populated, I tend to take my 35S since it's a bit less obtrusive. dimension-wise, it's about the perfect size. any smaller and the controls would be hard to work. any larger and it loses any semblance of pocketability. I dig the 40mm wide angle as well. my complaints about the 35S are that it's a brick, there's no rangefinder, and batteries for the meter aren't exactly conveniently available. the comparison of DP2 to 35S definitely makes me want to take another look at the DP2.
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