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Emily Rodman
Takoma Park, MD
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Thanks for the kudos. They are very much appreciated.
So, you cook the corn, put it in large bowl. Cook the tomatoes in the same pan and add them to the large bowl with the corn. Add everything else to the large bowl with the corn and tomatoes. Mix. Eat. I try to keep it as simple, with as few dirty dishes, as possible. Thanks, Emily
I dont have any more strata specific blogs planned at this time. Did you any particular questions or thoughts about it? Thanks, Emily
6-8 eggs. Sorry for the omission.
Im not sure I understand the question, but Joy of Cooking has a recipe for a sweet strata that would be good with fruit. In a savory strata I would definitely try some apples or pears. Those go great with eggs and onions and savory breakfast flavors.
Any winter squash (except maybe delicata) would be great, including acorn. Glad you enjoyed it!
Certainly you can leave out the tomatoes. You can do whatever you want, it's your soup! To make up for the lost flavor, you could try adding some chopped carrots and/or a bit of red wine or balsamic vinegar.
I actually feel a whole lot better about H1N1 after reading the article and comments. Thanks!
I have heard great things about this cookbook. Rogers and the Zuni are kind of a spin off of Chez Panisse according to Alice Waters'biography (a place I aspire to eat at some day). I will have to check it out next time I'm on the market for a cookbook. I recently got chez panisse vegetables which is really pretty and full of useful info, but I haven't used the recipes much, yet.
Let me know if you have insights on how to make them better. You can also just buy your nuts pre-roasted. Happy eating!