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“This is my last election,” Mr. Obama said. “After my election, I have more flexibility.” The Russian leader responded, “I understand. I transmit this information to Vladimir.” ----- SEOUL — Unaware that a microphone was recording him, President Obama asked outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Monday for breathing room until after Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign to negotiate on missile defense. “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” Mr. Obama told Mr. Medvedev at the end of their 90-minute meeting, apparently referring to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Medvedev replied, “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…” “This is my last election,” Mr. Obama said. “After my election, I have more flexibility.” The Russian leader responded, “I understand. I transmit this information to Vladimir.” ===================================================== “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no loner resist. A murderer is less to fear.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman orator, statesmen 42 B.C.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on What The (Bleep) Just Happened? at Monica Crowley
Today, America lost a true patriot, a courageous soldier for truth, for the constitution, for capitalism, and for restoring the American dream. DARKNESS HAS TAKEN ANDREW BREITBART from us - he was only 43!
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on What The (Bleep) Just Happened? at Monica Crowley
Just heard a replay of a caller to the Mark Levin show about OBAMACARE. The caller was a NEUROSURGEON returning from a Neurosurgeon Conferance about the impact of OBAMACARE on that field. He cites DHS rules that will go into effect - we'll probably get to hear about them AFTER THE ELECTION. Here's the ALARMING REALITY: - Under OBAMACARE, you are NOT A PATIENT! YOU ARE "A UNIT"! - IF YOU (as "a unit")HAVE A BRAIN BLEED (STROKE), ARE OVER 70 years of age, and SHOW UP IN A HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM NEEDING CARE; a PANAL OF ADMINISTRATORS AT DHS must convine and DECIDE whether or not you get "ADVANCE CARE" (ie. needed brain surgery). YOU KNOW SUCH PANELS WILL NOT BE WORKING AT 3AM WHEN YOU URGENTLY NEED SUCH CARE! MOST PEOPLE OVER 70 YEARS OLD WILL GET "comfort care", INSTEAD OF the brain surgery they need. This is what the Neurosurgeons have been told! GOD SAVE AMERICA from OBAMA and his "CARE" and "CHANGE"!
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on What The (Bleep) Just Happened? at Monica Crowley
11/10/2011 "A Beginner’s Guide to the European Debt Crisis"
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2011 on What The (Bleep) Just Happened? at Monica Crowley
BEWARE! Government paws on our every tweet
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2011 on What The (Bleep) Just Happened? at Monica Crowley
BULLETIN BULLETIN - Obama blames quake on Bush. From my viewpoint, Obama owns this quake - there's no doubt about it!
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on The O'Reilly Factor---TONIGHT! at Monica Crowley
OMG! That's Obama holding the red gun to Jack Nocholson's head in the lead photo of the linked article: We are living the movie!
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2011 on What The (Bleep) Just Happened? at Monica Crowley
Welcome to the U.N.‘s Agenda 21’s `Walkability’ HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS INSANITY CAN ONE ENDURE ??????
If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed [the Constitution], and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.” -- Alexander Hamilton
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2011 on The One Thing The GOP Has Missed at Monica Crowley
IT's NOT ABOUT "VICTORY" by any group! IT's ABOUT AGREEING AS A NATION TO REDUCE Go-FORWARD GOVERNMENT SPENDING! "The eye that alters, alters all" said poet William Blake. People in Washington and the biased mainstream media have lied by changing the meaning of words for so long that their group think is totally out of touch with reality! * The Gross Public Debt still rises when the government's budgeting method automatically increases the annual budget by 7% per year whether or not such increase is needed or justified ("BASELINE BUDGETING"), instead of requiring every government department to justify their annual budget starting with a ZERO BASELINE. The "COMPROMISE DEAL reached REDUCES THE ANNUAL BUDGET INCREASE BY A NOMINAL AMOUNT THAT WILL HARDLY PUT A DENT IN THE FUTURE RISKS TO AMERICA. Our public debt will still grow go-forward. So will the risk to the budget of COMPOUNDING and RISING INTEREST RATES applied to the growing public debt. * We are ALL LOSERS by the "COMPROMISE DEAL" which continues to all GOVERNMENT TO ROB THE FININCIAL FUTURE of OUR CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, and GREAT GRANDCHILDREN who will be saddled with the taxes needed to pay off the growing debt, or, will be saddled with a LOWER STANDARD OF LIVING because of the inflated prices they will be paying for their basic needs and having to work many more years. THE INSANITY OF OUR POLITICIANS IS THEIR FAILURE TO GRASP THE FACT THAT WE ARE ALL PASSENGERS ON THIS TITANTIC COUNTRY and WE ARE ALL GOING DOWN WITH THE SHIP IF OUR FINANCES ARE NOT RIGHTED OVER THE COMING YEARS! And our demise will surely take the rest of the world and its' economies down with it into anarchy, chaos, despiration and destruction.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2011 on The One Thing The GOP Has Missed at Monica Crowley
Last night, I saw Florida Representative CONNIE MACK interviewed on TV about THE PENNY PLAN he put forth to end the debt ceiling deadlock. Under the PENNY PLAN, instead of the annual compounding 7% increase in the budget ("Baseline Budgeting"), his PENNY PLAN - FREEZES TOTAL SPENDING at 2011 LEVEL for years - CUTS 1% PER YEAR (1 Penny per Dollar 2011 baseline spending) SPENDING for each of the next 7 years. ABRA CADABRA - The budget is in balance at the end of year 7. The PENNY PLAN is simple, easy to explain to the public, and would likely get wide acceptance given the horrible state of America's current finances from 50 years of mismanagement by politicians of both parties. I'd expect that the worldwide financial markets would be exuberant if the PENNY PLAN were passed and signed into law. BUT IF THE AGENDA of BARRY and HIS BAND OF COMMUNIST FLACKS is to create a financial crisis that will bring down America's economic system and create their opportunity to fold America into a Global New World Order Socialist Dictatorship, THEN such a common sense plan does not have a chance.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2011 on The One Thing The GOP Has Missed at Monica Crowley
Just heard "the President" again go BLAH BLAH BLAH! The only way to turn around THE TITANIC, from my viewpoint, is to CHANGE THE RULES ON HOW GOVERNMENT BUDGETS. * They must kill "BASELINE BUDGETING" where government guarantees more spending by adding on to the current budget a DEEMED PERCENTAGE of last year's budget baseline. Since this method was implemenents, government spending has become out of control. Departments get budget allocations whether or not funds are needed, are important... * They must go to "ZERO BASE BUDGETING" where every department each year justifies their budget from a zero starting point based upon current needs, projections, and priorities. There needs to be an objective analysis of all government costs and related benefits derived therefrom. This is how business operates in the private sector. This is how we all manage our private household books. * Lastly, there must be a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT requiring Government to balance the country's budget annually within 3% of the amound of Gross Domestic Product. UNTIL WE SEE THE GOVERNMENT GOING TO ZERO BASED BUDGETING, there is no hope of controlling government and rationalizing uproductive spending and departments.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2011 on The One Thing The GOP Has Missed at Monica Crowley
New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism Won't it be INTERESTING TO WATCH which politicians use this as an opportunity to finally get on the correct side of this issue, and, which politicians cling to the "GLOBAL WARMING MYTH".
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on The Five---TODAY! at Monica Crowley
Because Congress and "the President" are exempt from insider trading rules, it would not surprise me if they all sell the equity markets short prior to an announcement that no debt deal has been reached, profit personally from a sharp stock market decline in the coming days, and then close out their short sales and buy stocks long just before announcing an agreement to raise the debt limit later this week so as to profit again as stocks celebrate an agreement. Compare the required asset balance reports these clowns submit at the end of this year to their investment holding values as of their last reports to see their extraordinary insider profits this year compared to the profits of the average investor in the private sector who is subject to insider information rules.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2011 on Here's The "Compromise" at Monica Crowley
Gringoman, Are you saying that "White Americans" WERE NOT the Most Likely Terrorists responsible for this dastardly deed?
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2011 on THE FIVE---TODAY! at Monica Crowley
HEADLINES: * China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers. * Russian agent linked to U.S. Embassy blast. * Oslo bomb: suspicion falls on Islamist militants. ADMINSTRATION RESPONSE * Department of Homeland "Security" Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists. * Obama: Cut Defense Spending Before Food Stamps. CONCLUSION: Liberalism really is a dangerous mental disorder.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2011 on THE FIVE---TODAY! at Monica Crowley
BULLETIN BULLETIN! ================= "DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists" (Especially those with views differing from the current gangster administration). "We need to protect America by having a domestic force which is armed and financed as well or better than our military." -- 2008 Campaign Speech by "The Current Dictator" Oh and don't enfore our meaningless sovereign borders - yeah right!
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2011 on Tempest In A Headache at Monica Crowley
Rapidly aging populations in the developed world, Japan and Europe especially, will place enormous demands on public pensions and health systems just as the number of taxpayers to pay the bills shrinks. Citizens of industrial nations have no choice but to accept lower returns on investment, reduced government largesse, and a poorer existence.
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2011 on Debt Crisis? What Debt Crisis? at Monica Crowley
GO see if you can BALANCE THE BUDGET YOURSELF at the following link:
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2011 on Debt Crisis? What Debt Crisis? at Monica Crowley
THE ECONOMIC ILLITERATE MORONS IN CONGRESS AND THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH need to go to school and learn that * RAISING PERSONAL INCOME TAXES, either via raising some or all tax bracket rates or by reducing allowable deductions and/or credits, takes money out of the pockets of taxpayers leaving less personal earnings available to purchase products and services that companies sell. Thus, company profits are squeezed unless they cut costs either by buying less or lay off employees. Either way, the economy is adversely impacted. * CUTTING GOVERNMENT SPENDING in the short term removes current fiscal stimulus from the economy. That in turn also has an adverse impact on the economy. * THE FED's QUANTITATIVE EASING (QE1, 2 ...) where THE FED BUYS TREASURY SECURITIES to flood the economy with cash in hopes that the new money will kick start economic growth seems to mostly boost the price of needed commodities like oil, and, depreciates the value to the US DOLLAR. As a result, prices of gas and food we all need to live rise also leaving less in consumer pockets to spend. In other words, the outcome has the same consequences of a tax hike to the consumer. ALSO, the less favorable USD exchange rate (from the devalued USD) makes the price and value of American assets and American based companies cheaper in terms of foreign countries. There is a reason China has announced the intention to build an economic community south of Chicago. That implies that an increasing number of Americans who do have jobs will be beholden to their foreign masters as companies and assets are sold off to foreign interests. IT ALSO RAISES THE PRICE OF IMPORTED PRODUCTS (ie. parts for foreign made autos, ....). This all spells trouble for our future national identity as Americans. * RAISING TAXES ON CORPORATIONS make the U.S less attractive to do business compared to other countries. The outcome is companies move to countries where the tax environment is more favorable. The outcome is more jobs are outsourced to foreign countries and more U.S. unemployment and more U.S. government spending on welfare and food stamps.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2011 on Desperado at Monica Crowley
Here's an outcome of our corrupt politicians selling out America since the mid-1990's in exchange for our technological sercrets: China’s ‘eye-in-the-sky’ nears par with US Remember the 1996 "Buddist Temple" campaign contribution scandal revealing Algore's arranging for U.S. high tech executive Barnard Schwartz (LORAL CORPORATION) to give China our missile aiming technology. And now we also read than China has complained that the USA spends too much on its military. WE ARE ON THE ROAD TO SURFDOM traveling at a faster rate every day that goes by. It's becoming more and more clear that having to issue geometrically compounding higher and higher amounts of Treasury Securities to cover the government's growing out of control spending and fiscal imbalances, will make our children and grandchildren surfs beholden to foreign masters! This is what happens when we support the best government money can buy, a government OF THE LOBBYISTS AND UNIONS, BY THE LOBBYISTS AND UNIONS, and FOR THE LOBBYISTS AND UNIONS This is what happens when the malignant cancer of "progressivism" propaganda and perversion of our constitution infects our educational system, our books and other media, our judicial system, our executive and our legislative branches.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2011 on You're Fired at Monica Crowley
Here's an alarming article by FRANK GAFFNEY about our CITIZEN OF THE WORLD's embrace of THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: That this commie and his administration would have THE AUDACITY to announce and do this is SHOCKING! I hope THIS is not our last JULY 4 CELEBRATION |~[
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on Independence Day, 2011 at Monica Crowley
The two your cite were on the wrong side of the ILLEGAL ALIEN issue in my opinion. I see them both as puupets of Soros et al manipulating the illegal orchestration of America's transition into a GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER where national borders are irrelevant and we the surfs class are enslaved by the elete class.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on HOSTING for HANNITY---TONIGHT! at Monica Crowley
HARD TO BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CONGRESS THESE DAYS! Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) is the Senate Majority Whip, the second highest position in the Democratic Party leadership in the Senate. From my viewpoint, Dangerous Dickh*d is indicative of how far the Congress has degenerated. Durbin began the first Senate hearing for the “DREAM Act” (backdoor amnesty) by asking all the illegal immigrants in his audience to stand up. He then says that he sees in them the “future of America, our doctors, our nurses, our engineers, our teachers, our scientists, our soldiers, our congressmen, our senators, AND MAYBE OUR PRESIDENNT.”
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on HOSTING for HANNITY---TONIGHT! at Monica Crowley
"WOWZER, please contact Gringoman. Posted by: Ummahgummah | June 28, 2011 at 09:07 AM" UmmahgummahMontaZummma: The person is non-responsive!
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2011 on "(Bleeping) Golden"---NOT! at Monica Crowley