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Wow. It looks like he's actually going to blow this. Enacting a bad bill may be the worst possible outcome. Here's what Obama should do: (1) Craft his own plan. I'm actually not that big into whether it contains a "public option" or not - that's just a vague phrase that has served as the tag that symbolizes whether it will be a real change or make-believe. What's VITAL is that the HMOs get reined in by hook or by crook. Universal coverage would be nice, but we have managed to get by without it. I don't think we will keep getting by if we don't rein in the HMOs. Our economy will crash but good under that weight - we already got a little taste of it. 2. Obama should offer his own real plan that brings the HMOs to heel after the recess. No negotiations unless they're real. It's an offer Republicans can't refuse. 3. When they do, run on their obstructionism. Health care and Republican obstructionism should be the only issues on the table for 2010. Simple as that. So far Republicans have won a smashing PR victory by floating a ton of BS - but Obama has a louder megaphone. If he starts saying something simple and consistent about his own plan, well it's probably too late to get anything real this year, but #3 above should lead to real reform in 2011.
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