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James ~ Austin,TX
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"If he somehow has to obtain the power to detain people indefinitely, and it's legal to do it via executive order, fine. I also don't envy him the politics of it. Obviously, if some released detainee commits an act of terror against the US, all hell will break loose. err...the devil GWBush faced the same politics as Obama. Was his heart in the right place as well?
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2009 on Indefinite Detention at Obsidian Wings
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Look, Brandi did not save herself by standing up for herself. Trump gave a message to Kramer to ditch Melissa and he changed his vote and opinion like the shill he is. As soon as Annie said, "We raised more $$ so we should stay." Trump liked that argument and told Kramer to like it too. It's not the Olympics. It's a stupid TV show and it will go whatever way Trump says it will. That should have been obvious when his kids (who have done nothing but choose the Donald as their father) were chosen to be judges. It's embarrassing if you take the thing seriously.