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Dr Ting is the best there is, bar none. Eiffert is a little pansy ass who thinks he knows it all and is very jealous of the knowledge and experience that Dr Ting has. I personally know Ting, he has conducted 5 successful surgeries in my knees, 1 on my foot and 1 total shoulder reconstruction and I can move and play as hard as i did before my injuries. He gives so much of his time away for free it is ridiculous. He is a true servant to his community and a master at his profession. John, Youre an idiot, how in the world do you know whether he hasnt inventoried his prescriptions? Are you assuming this? or are you making false judgements worthy of slander and deformation of character? Be careful what you write because you can be brought up in a court of law with out proper proof of the accusations you state. And cmnsnce, youre an idiot as is he a disgrace? Eiffert is the professional who called Ting a ding dong...100% for Ting...look into what he really has done for everyone and then call him a disgrace you uneducated backwoods suit happy people are the true reason this country is so expensive and a joke to others...