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"Avatar" did have quite a lot of hype centered around it. I actually never hopped aboard the "Avatat will change your life" bandwagon. Before it came out, I was just hoping it would be good. I agree though. It was absolutely stunning filmmaking, and yes the dialogue was cringe-worthy a lot of the time. Cheesy one-liners are the worst. The story was engaging however, and for that reason (aside from the fact that it was the most eye euphoria I have been exposed to in 3 hours time) I feel it ranks high up there this year.
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Yeah, I agree. I saw "X-Men Origins" solely for the purpose that everyone else has, and let's be honest, it LOOKED to satisfy the X-Men fan in all of us. I was wrong. In the first 5 minutes, there were about 100 cuts that were mashed together and looked like the millimeters on a ruler. It gave me a headache. And at least in "Iron Man," Favreau did not rely on angry screams at nobody to show emotion (something whose occurence counter in "Wolverine" was over 10 - easy). And how many times was the shot showing someone's leg and arm from behind and their fists clenching used? Too many. Bring Singer back!!!
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