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Hi Tim, So many wonderful points but I think the most important for me is the one of connection. Because rarely do we move in mid-air...(sorry resident aerial-artists), we perform most powerfully and easily when we connect from the base of support. In standing that is the feet. While sitting, it is primarily the base of the pelvis or SITS bones. Without that connection we are asking our muscles to perform two jobs. One being the action and the other being the support for the action. Imagine a baseball pitcher throwing without being connected to the ground. Or trying to jump without having the floor to push. Or, standing up from a chair. WHAT? aren't all of our feet on the ground when we stand up. Yes, they may be some times in use but notice when you stand if they stay on the ground for the entire time it takes you to stand or to sit from standing. Connecting from the feet is primary to being able to move well in any of our upright activities. Blog on Tim. Karen
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