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The 2009 Ford F150 has : -Better towing -Better payload -Stiffess frame -Bigger and stronger suspension components -Bigger stronger bolts -wins the real world gas challenge by 10% -stylish minimalist interior -vast spacious crew cab with a flat floor - 4x4 that disengages at transfer case and not wheels(GM) with electronic locking diff. -bigger radiator bigger water pump bigger tranny cooler. Toyotas have bad frames that suck gas and tailgates that are glued that split, with tiny suspension components and no trailor brake control. Jd power associates reliability ratings rate Ford higher then Toyota Toyota Dealers are as arrogant as GM was when they were #1... and do not move on prices. Ford has out sold Toyota YTD and needs your bussiness great deals. I love 11,200lb towing machine that has perfectly matched engine, tranny. 5.4 tows more with a stronger heavier frame though its under powered in drag race comparisons. My Ford works, If I need speed I ride my Bike.