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Education and wealth are going to influence healthy the most. People are so uneducated about health, it's insane! We are sold so much crap that claims, "low fat, non-fat, low sodium, enriched...." and the list goes on and on. What most consumers don't know is that if one thing is taken out, they have to replace it with something else. Also with ingredients like trans fat, cholesterol, saturated fat companies can disguise them. COmpanies can list on the food label that there is 0 grams of something as long as there is .5 or less. So many people think that they're eating healthy, but they're just being fooled by effective advertising. People also aren't aware of the difference in quality of nutrients. Many also neglect exercise completely, which is a HUGE mistake. By exercising regularly you can provide your body with so much more energy and power. A lot of times the jobs of people who are considered to be poor are PHYSICALLY exhausting so they don't take the time to exercise for the purpose of health. Unhealthy foods are able to be stable for a very long time on the shelf so often times they can be sold for very cheap. This is another reason why money plays such a huge role in health. It is expensive to eat healthy. Unfortunately though, it is kind of a pay me now or pay me later situation. Buying the foods that are cheapest may save you a buck now, but your body needs quality proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Stuffing your body with processed junk clogs your arteries and increases your risk for some kinds of cancers. If you don't take care of your body now, you're going to pay the price for it someday. Money is also very important not only for food, but for proper health care. Usually the jobs of the low income families do not have benefits or healthcare included and if they do, it's probably not very good. Having access to a Dr., medicine, and hospitals is huge, and not everyone can afford it. People can't always afford the necessary means to sustain good health,
Toggle Commented May 10, 2009 on Health and Wealth at Everyday Sociology Blog
I think that a huge reason Levi Johnston is labeled with a title like "white trash" was because he is a teen parent. Being a teen parent in our society is associated, for the most part, with other circumstances that aren't viewed positively. Teen parents are assumed to be uneducated about contraceptives or maybe they just don't have money to pay for them. Usually being uneducated and poor are associated with being minorities, and it's stereotypes like that that produce the title of white trash. Because not all white people are wealthy and educated they created a term to describe the people that aren't to make them seem of lesser value. When I hear the words "white trash" I think of low income families who live in a very run down home or even a trailer. There are probably more mouths to feeds than there is food. Also, I feel like white trash also is associated with people who don't value educating yourself. I don't just mean education about math and english, although they are very important, but also education on how to take care of yourself properly. A lot of times I feel that people who aren't even particularly poor, but are just total slobs and don't take of heir bodies are usually also considered white trash. In the case of Levi Johnston, I feel he was unfairly labeled. I think that the Palin Family prestige had something to do with him being judged so harshly. Because it was the daughter of a political candidate, no one really judged her other than as a young girl who made a mistake. Johnston made the same mistake, but because the Palin family lashed out against him he got labeled with this harsh name.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2009 on What is White Trash? at Everyday Sociology Blog