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It's a Travesty, Charlie Brown!
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All I can say about Mr. Grajeda (and it's wonderful that his first name is Hilario; I was sitting in the stands laughing out loud at some of his decisions) is: He makes Mr. Okalaja and Mr. Marrufo look good. My kids got better officiating at their games.
"... an increased emphasis on specific types of plays, such as handballs in the penalty area." Richie Williams had it exactly right when he expressed concern about referees being instructed to look for and emphasize specific fouls. Look at the call on Seth Stammler that resulted in the only score in a Red Bulls' loss, and then compare it with the non-call on Pique in Barcelona-Chelsea. Stammler's was a penalty and Pique's wasn't? The MLS referee had been instructed to emphasize hand balls.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2009 on A closer look at MLS referees at Soccer By Ives