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'Thinkerbelle'...good luck on your inspiration board I have made them and they really work! Good luck to you too 'browneyes' it's funny how similar our situations are... one camp that says move on and the other camp that says he is coming back. I'm sure there are thousands of other people in our predicament. I keep notes on all of my readings if you ever want to know about a certain psychic feel free to ask me...I'm happy to provide specific feedback. Aside from the obvious favorites ie. Gina Rose, Dave, etc...if you haven't tried Abrielle you should, everything she has told me has come true and she doesn't use any tools. What she predicted 5 months ago is happening exactly. Recently, Nina has blown me away with her predictions in love & career using no tools and they are happening as I write this, just as she said! I used to love Liz as well...I was so sad when she left. My tried and true are Gina Rose, Courtney, Amanda & Nina. I feel that Maryanne, Phillip, Seha, Reggie & Michael are also really good (for different reasons). I suppose it's just a matter of how well they connect to us individually. Any feedback on any of the brand NEW psychics?? I'll keep checking on this blog...this is fun, helpful & informative!!!
Toggle Commented May 13, 2009 on Your Space! at California Psychics®
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Love the recommendations...keep 'em coming. We all can't read with EVERY psychic. So, any feedback helps!
Toggle Commented May 13, 2009 on From the Phone Lines... at California Psychics®
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I would like to add to my last comment...there are the exception of psychics who DO use Tarot and still provide exceptional readings.
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