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Hiya, I've worked with one IT shop who took the interesting approach of only promising to get 80% right, 80% of the time. The idea was that they accept some failure as a consequence of being efficient and timely in the delivery of solutions into the business. They got away with this as their definition of "fit for purpose" was not "totally bullet proof" but "with a manageable level of risk", with is pretty much the point you're making :) r. PEG
More and more companies are basing their desktop strategy on the assumption that in a couple of years, employees will bring their own laptop as a condition of employment. Enterprise applications will be either be delivered via web, or virtualised and provided to the employees on a USB stick. When the enterprise has no explicit dependancy on the desktop, and desktops become purely a consumer item, all these questions on the whether or not to deploy Windows 7 across the enterprise become irrelevant. The age of enterprise desktop rollout is rapidly coming to a close. A more interesting question is: is Windows 7 to little, to late? A product for an earlier time? r. PEG
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