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I think it's good that someone is bringing attention to this tragedy. I wonder if it will be a popular exhibition among the Japanese. I hope so, if only to bridge understanding just a bit more.
Who? I think I missed this meme. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that found her unattractive.
It's what John would have wanted.
Pregnant and young Japanese mothers drinking beer with John Lennon playing left me unsure of how to feel. I mean don't get me wrong, Lennon is (strangely) appropriate, but that just ads to the uncertainty of my feelings.
Perhaps this is a bit superficial of me, but I couldn't help but be reminded of Jero.
I found out through Taku Takahashi's Twitter late last night. Didn't sleep, just played his music all night.
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I think its awesome that he started out with Tatsuro Yamashita's Christmas Eve and went in to Happy X-mas. That's actually how my X-mas playlist on my iPod starts out ^^
Hey, Tom Cat last I checked I think Barnes and Noble should be able to deliver in 2-3 days according to their website and I've actually seen it at the store itself before. Hope this helps a bit
Related but unrelated: For the adolescent/ person who never grew out of adolescence: I would recommend Ryu Murakami's "69". It was a fun lighthearted read. (There was also a movie based on it by the same name that had an awesome opening credit sequence and the soundtrack had a song by Chemistry that I liked)
I'm quite surprised by the number of Korean last names. I wonder what the 10 most common Korean names are. I guess I'll research that and start Seoul Passion fruit (.com). Or Seoul Cantaloupe or Seoul Lychee Soju.
In case anyone else is interested, I found another video about this on youtube: Also according to a source I read, one of his lines is: “We have to continue the fight, and support the weak. Rise again, warriors of the Land of Light. For peace and justice! For all the universe!”
Darn, video removed. I really wanted to see this.
Fact: He's no Junichiro Koizumi. That man had awesome hair.
I envy that man on many levels.
I hate to admit, I teared up a few times watching that.
I like the new look. The engineer in me likes the simplicity of it. And I like how the "Brand New" logo looks a bit more understated. It looks really great. Usually there is that bit of awkwardness when a site you frequent changes, but in this case it feels better. Hopefully that made sense. Good job.
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I hate to say it but I still have not bought the book. I honestly just forget to buy it when I'm buying books.
Miyasaka looks like a friend of mine, except with nicer hair. Hopefully she does well. I'm still quite upset that Kurara Chibana did not win that year. In my opinion: Kurara Chibana > Riyo Mori