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"I wonder how much difference it makes." When I began full time studies at Notre Dame Law School I had already transitioned from engineering to the legal department of my company and passed the agent's exam. I had written a few patent cases from scratch and had a prosecution docket. The one IP class they had at the time was a joke. During law school I continued to manage my docket and filed 30-40 new cases. I learned nothing about IP from law school; everything on the job. I feel like I have had a successful career and education certainly has not held me back. I would counsel people to pick a law school based on its overall reputation and not its IP focus. My impression is that most employers are far more impressed with a big name school (or football tradition in the case of ND :^)) than they are the specific IP classes you took. "You will also find the upper-end of the median salary range . . . " Not to pick on anyone, but this reminds me of when I was considering ND and an alum told me it was a 'second top ten' school. Huh?! You mean a top 20 school?
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