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We at provide travel-planning services specializing in New York City.
Interests: Karen loves learning about *your* travel interests and the things you find stimulating when out and about.
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I'm coming to this discussion a bit late (November 16th). First, congrats to Mena & Ben! I had no idea that TypePad was such a personal enterprise. I actually have two regular websites and don't like the word "blog" at all, but, like with the change taking place with this organization, have learned to live with it. I am now very interested in what SAY Media has to offer. I've never wanted to have Google or Yahoo ads, so it'll be interesting to see what they have to offer. Note that I worked for Nelson Media for a year (contract help), observing it more or less cra$$$$$$$$$h and burn before it even took off, so I must say that the TypePad founders have done a better job of managing their enterprise. Let's hope SAY can do the same. What I want in a (blog - ick ick ick) publishing service are specific features that allows me to manage articles, photos, and other media, plus email marketing. As a programmer, I can "do it myself," but doing so takes a lot of time. I rather be out and about than looking at my monitor, but I digress. I think that prices are WAY TO LOW for advertisers to take advantage of quality content and that there should be a way to better match the intent of advertisers with niche writing. Just blowing out advertising catch-as-catch-can isn't a good idea. Also, in a paper publication the idea was that the advertiser supported the publication. Today, the advertiser doesn't appear to give a damn - just hits. Passive advertising might work that way, but active advertising does not. The advertising needs to serve the publication's purpose and I hope SAY takes a look at that model, rather than just grabbing eyeballs. I certainly hope TypePad grows into an even more robust platform and, hey, it never hurts to be exposed to (as well as "pocket") money.
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Mar 15, 2010