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Prof Clarke, I've read the Sider piece you've quoted, and like you I found myself puzzled by the commitments he's tagged onto libertarianism. Straightforwardly, it seems to rule out event-causal libertarian views like yours and Kane's. Perhaps he is assuming that there is something metaphysically impossible about event-causal libertarianism for reasons similar to the ones offered by van Inwagen (and many others): undetermined events are random events, and random events are not freedom conferring events. Hence, there can be no solution to the Luck Problem. (This would hold for both the agent-causal and the event-causal theorist.) And, of course, Sider doesn't go mysterion like PvI; he goes compatibilist. So the upshot here is that I think your (reasonable) assumption that Sider thinks libertarianism to be metaphysically possible is probably not right. Any thoughts? Thanks for the post.