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Hello Rick. I have been a regular reader for quite a while, written to you a few times, and found your blog tonight. I am a day late on the one word domain names, and am still searching for that perfect money maker. PPC revenues have dropped since I got my first investment names over regular business names, and now I sit on a lot of names that fit your worthless portfolio category. I too am letting names drop, and have wasted quite a few dollars. I am opting for quality instead of quantity, with the last few names “Snapped”, and a lot more dropping. I am also now trying Affiliate advertising. First it was parking sites; it then became my own server with google adsense; now affiliate advertising. With the explosion of affiliate sites however, will we once again have a hard earned site that will get diluted with commonality as we have seen pay per click weaken with users? I too want to see that “hidden opportunity” niche you talk about. I too am a relentless optimist. I too think this is the dot com bust of today, and deals are to be had. I too still want to buy names, still. Am I addicted or “what is that” with me? I think there is a niche that I can fill, that will be the 1mm plus site over the next three to five years. I also think there will be that one name that someone overlooked, and I end up with the mother lode of assets, value, and better yet, income. The funny thing, all this relentless optimism is what got me to waste so much money in the first place on domain names. I don’t feel any less enthusiastic about domain names as I had a few years ago because I think I am smarter now. I have gotten a lot better and faster at building web sites. That will make these next few years different for me, right? I am indeed a relentless optimist, but is that what got me “where I am not” today? I do admit, this is the first time that I have seen a solid businesses complete with real estate, intelligence assets, and everything is basically worthless. No one will lend on it, and no one wants it. At least the overhead of a server and website is low compared to brick and mortar stores with employees and the myriad of taxes and insurance. Boy is my years of solid business experience and opinions now worthless too, all that I thought was right. I also need new “out of the box” thinking. God Bless ya Mr. Schwartz. Maybe someday I too can afford to come to a Domain Conference, and share the glory that I have finally found. A bunch of us want to come. When will this industry finally be the Cash Cow for the rest of us little guys? Bill