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I love what all of you have to say. In my experience, the Dark Night Of The Soul is an ongoing process, which for me, has lasted about nine years now. I feel it is nearing completion as I am no longer "slammed against the wall" unable to eat or sleep, feeling tremendous, paralyzing fear for days or weeks on end. I have a very strong ego, a very, very strong ego that has been hanging on for dear life, as my Soul battles it to integrate the Light and the shadow parts of me to "dance" together in harmony. God Bless you, Joyce, for hanging on and learning so much during your 9 days of sadness and fear. The process of dying shamanically, shedding what no longer serves the Highest Good, is very scary and heartbreaking, indeed. Please do not be surprised should you find yourself going through this process again, and again, and again. We have been programmed for thousands and thousands of years to think certain ways, to believe what we were taught by our parents, teachers, religions, authority figures, the law makers, etc. I am not just talking about this lifetime either, but the many lifetimes we have lived. We look around us now and see so many who have lost or are in the process of losing everything they have worked for all of their lives. It is so important to detach, become the observer and know that you (we) are safe. This is necessary for all the old paradigms that no longer work and haven't for some time now, to come crashing down around us. The more we resist, persists, to quote someone, I'm not even sure who originally said this. It is time for us to just let go, be the Fool in the Tarot, the most powerful figure in the deck, and jump into the abyss of the UNKNOWABLE with absolute faith and trust that we are safe, all our needs are met NO MATTER WHAT, I REPEAT, NO MATTER WHAT! Easy to say, hard to do, right? Bless, forgive, (starting with yourself) and release everything and everyone to the Light. Cry, cry and then cry some more. Never ask "why me?" Instead ask "Why NOT me?" Life truly is about the journey, not the destination and the more we try to hold on, the more pain we cause ourselves. The Native American's have a saying which is so true, and so important during these times of "no time" regarding the analogy of the river. I am paraphrasing here. It is time to let go of the banks of the river, holding on so tightly that you are literally being bloodied and beaten, black and blue. If you will only trust in God, our Source, that it is time, long past time, to let go and flow with the tide of current, it will carry you to places of such bliss, there are no words. We all have personal choice, we can hang on to what no longer serves us and beat ourselves to a bloody pulp, or we can just let go and trust the Divine flow. Our linear time is not God's time. We created linear time eons ago, even Einstein proved it does not exist, everything is happening at at the same time, in parallel Universes, and the veils are thinning faster and faster. We are the Divine Matrix, the Divine Hologram. As Dr. Carl Jung stated in the late 1900's, we are the Collective Unconscious. We are now becoming, very, very quickly, the Collective Consiousness of All That Is. It is only when we are truly willing to let go of everything with complete faith and trust that All Is Well and All Is Divine Timing, we can truly begin to live our lives without the chains of learned behavior that have bound us for so very long. We are tired, we are beat up, battered, and bloody, yet, we are the ones we've been waiting for. It is very true that is is always darkest before the dawn, so don't lose heart, instead, do your best, every day, do your best to open your hearts, to shed your past, to not blame, to not make assumptions, to forgive, to love, to truly love, first yourself, as only then are you truly free to love everyone and everything, knowing we are all connected. I am still in the process, I have been domesticated like everyone else, I am no different from anyone or anything. And remember, if you feel you are unconnected to your Source, guess who moved??? One more thing and I will end this lengthy all that you are guided to read, like the book Many Lives, Many Masters, which came to you, Joyce. Dr. Brian Weiss helped me understand my journey on a personal level, along with many others. We are always, in all ways Divinely Guided, we only need to pay attention. The more absurd the guidance seems to you, the more you can be assured it is truly from God and not your ego self. I truly hope this made sense, as I have no idea what was written. Love, Light, laughter and Blessings to us all, INDEED! AHO! Paisley #9661
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I noticed that time was speeding up about 5 years ago. At first I felt as though I was "losing it" as in getting older, therefore slower. I could not seem to get anything done and multitasking became out of the question. I found myself running late for everything. I would set my clocks ahead, leave the house earlier for appointments, running around like a crazy person and nothing seemed to work. Friends and family members would get mad at me, quite literally. It got to a point where I thought there was something terribly wrong with me. Then I learned there is no such thing as "linear time," that we (human beings) created it to keep track of certain things, thousands of years ago. We have no control over time, we never have, we just had the 'illusion' of having some semblance of control. Many people still do not understand this, which is fine, it is what it is. I no longer let this speed up bother me, even when I am chastised by people thinking I am inconsiderate in making them wait. I do not have the power to "make" anyone do anything, nor to "make" them feel anything other than what they choose to feel. The earth is in it's final wobble, which takes 26,000 years to complete. This is why the date of December 21, 2012 is so important to the planet and everything on it. Humans consist of the exact same elements as Mother Earth. This is not a "doomsday" prophecy, as many oracles of the past have tried to tell us throughout the ages. We have choice in which way things will go, i.e. war and total destruction or Light, love and peace. Fractal time shows us that it takes far less of us to manifest either scenario than what we have been taught to believe on a linear basis. We are entering into a new reality, a reality beyond our wildest dreams. All we need do is turn on the news for a few minutes in order to see our planet in crisis. The old, dense reality or vibration is falling away to make room for the higher vibrations coming in, now with such energy and urgency, there is no stopping it. Old reality or new, it still comes down to choice. It's kind of like having a menu put in front of you and the Universe asking "What would you like to order? You have the choice of ego, which includes power, greed, money for personal gain, selfishness, war and lies. This includes a huge side dish of chaos. Or would you prefer to choose the Spirit side of the menu? This choice includes community, sharing, joy, discernment, light, peace (inner and outer), healing, forgiveness and Truth? This choice come with an unending side dish of Unconditional Love." It IS your choice...what WILL you be having? The first choice is so expensive, we can't count that high, however, the second choice is free! As Mariposa says...Step into NO TIME and become a deliberate creator! You've always known how, you simply forgot what you knew! We ALL did! Now is the time to re-remember!
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