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This is an interesting conference observation- Non-Americans More Giddy about Obama than Americans. When he was elected last year, I went to this celebratory party at my university in Australia and from what I see, Australians are also still high on Obama. Would be interesting to learn how he is really being perceived/received atm by those in Muslim countries, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, where perception/reception of him really matters…
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Perhaps yes, you could get this sort of info by reading The Economist…regularly. For me the presentations at the symposium, be they by some amazing and distinguished personalities (and I would add the Singaporean Minister for Finance to the list of impressive speakers), really serve as stimulus to the event itself which is a useful crucible for bright-minded individuals to interact, exchange ideas and do some networking. If you didn’t go, you probably didn’t miss much info you couldn’t find elsewhere – the general sentiment was nothing new. But you did miss an opportunity to personally meet and learn from the eclectic range of intelligent people (including students) who attend these sorts of events.
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