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Astro Surfer When we keep repeating the same pattern over and over again and nothing changes. We all need to look inside ourselves. Change for some can be challenging. But when we begin we are transforming. Like the caterpiller coming out of it's cacoon. We emerge into a beautiful butterfly. We are new again. Ready for new beginnings and enough room to spreed our wings and fly in a new direction. I call this the cacoon stage. Darkness unable to see yet beyond our true inner selves. Transformation isn't easy for anyone. But Karma sometimes takes hold beyond our control and we are forced to transform. Through hardships or our own free will. Either way time changes everything.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2009 on A Change in Thinking at California Psychics®
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AstroSurfer It comes in 3's in Hollywood It has always come in 3's all through my lifetime ... The last time in my life it happened went like this My Mom 6 months later My dad 3 months later my beloved Sister Inlaw. She was the only one we where expecting to go. When I visit their resting place It's 3. When I lost my childhood friends in come in 3's. As I got older it spread in all directions of friends and family but it was always in 3's. May they all R.I.P All are missed but never to be forgotten.
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