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Vampyr and Psycho are both great movies! It has to be tossup between the two for me.
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I have to agree that this was totally staged!
I have not seen Transformers 2 yet. I don't know why I just have not made it to theaters I guess! Bay is definitely one of the best producers ever!
I have to say Saving Private Ryan on this one. It is such a long movie but it is great in every aspect of it!
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I am so glad that fast food places are now putting up posters of the food they serve and how many calories are in each food product. I am amazed sometimes at how many calories are in some of the burgers. I just use work out plans at to get rid of those extra calories.
What an amazing career! He has had a lot of great achievements. I wish I could get some of those a href="">work out plans!
I had dandruff that started during the winter and I finally got control over it in the spring. I love your blog and enjoy reading it! The dandruff I use is here
Well it is probably a good thing you didn't give her propofol! Michael Jackson may have actually over dossed on the drug. It is definitely not for anyone that may get addicted. Great post! Looking forwarding to reading many others. Here is the story on Jackson as well!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2009 on insomniac jr. at falling down is also a gift
I saw that you talked a little about Over Dosing. Recently we found out that the great Michael Jackson died from overdosing! There is more information on it here Michael Jackson Diprivan