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Excellent, I put it on htis weekend but was disappointed to see it missing. Now I can watch tasha get merked.
On the topic of Star Trek, Season 1 of TNG seems to have disappeared from Instant Streaming over the weekend. Even though there was a lot of crap episodes in the first season, I was hoping to at least catch the Tasha Yar death episode.
Still no scrollbars though? Glad the sortable lists are coming back at least. It was basically impossible to browse for new stuff to watch. I feel like netflix is becoming a victim of its success and/or some new people are in charge over there. It seems much less "human" and more "Big biz" over there lately. Which is a shame, I admired and respected the kind of "customer first" attitude over there which you see from just about no companies anymore.
I was going to rip on mientkiewicz but I looked up his stats and must say I'm impressed. His stats were actually at their lowest while he was on the sox after the nomar trade.
Buchholz definitely has ace stuff, he's just had makeup issues, hopefully those come around especially since he just got married. Just watch the no-no for proof of his talent. I'd say throwing a no-no is a bigger credential than anything salty and teabagger have done. Kelly is untouchable right now - his pitching numbers (he has now committed to pitching) are sick-silly in the low minors, there's a shot of him making it up to the show in september.
Crisp will always have a place in our hearts due to his scrum with james shields and his good D, but I'd much rather hire cameron if we can't get a big slugger in left.
M's are aggro in the hot stove talk this year, and they actually sound like they are going after valuable parts. If they get zaun bay and jackson, you could be looking at a contender for the AL west at least
People, people: V-mart did an admirable job catching the knuckler.. instead tek can spell him by caddying Lester (eg, on the days when run-scoring will be less important)
If I'm a pirates fan (if there is such a thing) I hate that trade.. hansen and moss? El lame-o. Victor is doing a good job catching. Seems like he's established a rapport with Buchholz, and was more than capable of catching Wake's knuckler.
O-Cab is well known to have ended up in the Northeastern and BC dorms too frequently for the front office's taste.
"Wait, you wanted me to pick up an 'innings eater?' I thought you said 'donut eater!'"
I guess they don't think they can win this year. Either that or they are trying to appease the gods for their original trade for Kaz, also a steal.
Lugo was just not a Boston Guy, and that's that. See also: Edgar Renteria.
Gonzo and the rest of the ridiculous 06 red sox defense probably saved a few wins that they didn't deserve. (David Pauley anyone?) Shame lowrie hasn't worked out.
I have a strong feeling that the sox would have had to part with a lot of very key contributers to the current 25 man roster. EG, we would have been screwed and have a repeat of 2006 (think David Pauley starting in yankee stadium)
So wait, wait, let me get this straight. He might get traded to a team he likes. And if so, he'll be happy about it. But if he DOESN't get traded to a team he's happy about... he'll be unhappy? You gotta love athletes.
So wait, wait, let me get this straight. He might get traded to a team he likes. And if so, he'll be happy about it. But if he DOESN't get traded to a team he's happy about... he'll be unhappy? You gotta love athletes.
Jeez, at this rate you could see Rinku and Dinesh starting games next week.
As a sox fan, I hope and beg the yankees are stupid enough to take Arroyo. Maybe he can come out with a new CD with some springsteen covers or something.
The Red Sox clearly need offensive juice, or at least to come out of their slump. The pitching is doing well since the break. Texiera would be much appreciated right now...
Can we trade Sanchez and Pirates 2011's caps lock key for the blonde in the ad on the front page?
My sister's aunt's hairdresser's son-in-law told me that Halladay is a big fan of crab cakes and as such would only accept a deal to the O's.
He's only 19 - get the kid some north end italian food and muscle milk, and he'll be MLB shape before too long. A-Gon and the rest of the premium defense of the 06 sox definitely helped the many mediocre groundball pitchers that year pick up a few extra wins.
Van Every little thing he does is magic - he also has a scoreless inning pitched this season.