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Anna Moss
United States
Anthropologist, technical writer, domestic abuse survivor
Interests: Culture, nature, geo-politics, literature, animals
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The more beautiful the woman, the more grieved I am to see tattoos on her flesh. When I meet a man and see tattoos, I'm either disappointed or repelled depending upon the circumstances. Trained as an anthropologist, when I see a tattoo, my first thought is barbarian. I would encourage you to think for yourself. They say the inks are safe, do you really believe that? I know tattoos are 'the thing' these days, but I'm old enough to see through those things. When have the masses EVER been right????? As spirited women, that's something that sets us apart, or should. The world is full of non-spirited women who do not have a thought in their head. Clearly, we need some new role models.
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There is much to say and more to understand about this social plague. At root it is an indictment of parenting. Abuse and neglect during the first five years of life adversely affects brain development. These little boys who suffer as babies and toddlers grow up to abuse. Some of them abuse drugs, some women, some little boys and so forth. The chances for change decline with the severity of the brain damage, which is demonstrated by the severity of the abuse he doles out. The brain damage explains the near 100 percent rate of recidivism for some pathologies. It was this piece of information that helped me let go. Once I realized it was hopeless, my previously thwarted instincts for self preservation kicked in. Abuse is a hard, hard lesson. In hindsight, I think it is also an indicator that a woman's self image is inadequate. Once you get your arms around all of this, you may realize you're in a position to take a big step. I think that great adversity provides some sort of opening between the material and the spiritual world. What you do with that opening can be great. Could this be why so many extraordinary things have been created by people who were in severe circumstances?
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