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The first accessory I would look for if I owned this camera with pancake lens is a "slip-in" holder that clipped to my belt. Then it would be a carry anywhere camera. Or ,perhaps, I could get my wife to make me a big shirt pocket. But seriously, we need an evaluatation of the LCD useability in low light and intense light situations if this is to be the camera that DSLR owners use when they don't want to "shlep" a big/heavy camera. Or do we have to wait for the rumoured second iteration with an EVF even if it must me slightly larger.
Mike I've got an Exacta IIA sitting in my display cabinet. Last time I checked it was in working order. If you promise to put one roll through it a year and show us the results, it's yours.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on DP2 ≠ DMD at The Online Photographer
I spoke to an Olympus Canada employee that has seen an early preproduction model and said "think Leica M3". When I asked about a pancake lens he said there would be something a littlemore protruding than the Pen F pancake but still eminently pocketable.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2009 on Olympus's Teaser Campaign at The Online Photographer